Any Vespa gurus here?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by orwell84, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Originals fetch a good price.I shall likely opt for a modern version though! Mucho dineri!
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    The current stable of teenage dreams..:rolleyes:

    This one is for Mrs Monkey...:cool:
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    And the one I chopped up in the early 80s to race with :eek: Although we didn't compete directly Dickster and I were on the track in similar years.
    It became a 225cc special cutdown but I only did one season as a novice before going off to college and discovering cars. If only we knew then what we know now eh...
    That pic was probably about 1979. Too young to legally ride it but....:D
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  4. I perfected the art of falling off far too quickly and it was far toooo expensive. Wish i still had the racer though. now that did have the Innocenti disc on it albeit converted to hydraulic! Group 5 racer (I think, was a 200....with a slight rebore Mr Scrutineer!)- full GP bodywork. Still got the rear set brake (or bits of it!).
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    Cool! Standard Sx200 disc for me but reverse pull...remember that lol.
    Used to run the barrels in by screaming down Barton Cutting just north of Luton with the hand on the clutch, waiting for the screech:eek:
    Quick strip down at the bottom of the hill, file the melted high spots off the piston, good to go.
    The fearless recklessness of youth :D
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  7. Just got the PK cut down and Scomadi left


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    I remember:thumbsup:
    Those Scomadis look pretty good. Not a lot of money for what they are :D
    And oh my god, I think my hips would lock up if I tried to ride a small frame anywhere:eek:.
    Cool scoots:cool:
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  11. It's an unrestricted TL50, good for a breathtaking 40mph !
  12. Bout the same as an LI 125 then lol
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  13. But being Italian it`ll have an actual capacity of 70cc :rolleyes:

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  14. It’s british my good man.... made in Vietnam or china but still british
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  15. I doff my hat to your superior hair dryer knowledge sire , never heard of it but sounds suspiciously wop-ish :oops:

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  16. And dodgy electrics.
  17. I hear the Fettuccine 200 is a world beater :thumbsup:
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  18. DB910F71-2E1D-47B1-B784-995522E37A1D.jpeg CAA2905D-0518-474E-A1B6-5A45E0D2FF8D.jpeg Well I did the deed. Body is rough but it runs great. 1 hour drive from here, It’s keeping the bus company. Think of it like US vs UK for buses. Finding one for sale and so close is a rare thing for north east USA. I’m 19 again.
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  19. Excellent! More pics (and a resto thread) please.
  20. Tidy!

    If it runs great keep the body rough, but you won't feel 19 again if you have to bump start it!
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