Any Vespa gurus here?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by orwell84, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. 671FB59A-C8AB-4687-B963-F533E49816B8.jpeg I may have found a Vespa. It’s a 1963 VBB1 150 4 speed. I know the px150’s p200e’s but not much about the oldies.

    I have been looking for a large frame Vespa for a long time. Body is rough but that doesn’t bother me a bit.

    Ya know how nice buses are hard to find in the UK? That’s his it is here for Vespas in the northern US.

    Any thoughts or advice?

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  2. Sell it and get a Lambretta :thumbsup:
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  3. Lol. Love those too. They are even harder to find in the US. I like them basic. Kick start. No oil injection. Add a little gear oil for effect.
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  4. Did scooters ever catch on in the US? Can't say I've ever seen any reference to them.
  5. Get a proper motorbike rather than a kids toy
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  6. @Dicky is your scooter boy

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  7. They did. But when California banned the importation of new 2 stroke vehicles that killed the market for them. I went to high school in Toronto Canada in the mid 80’s and there was quite a following for the whole mod revival thing. I’m sure it was similar in large cities in the US.
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  8. :eek:
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  9. And me when I’ve saved up enough tokens. Anything specific? @orwell84
  10. Btw I could have bought one easily with what I’ve spent on the lammy!
  11. 40D747C6-D988-4E00-8FC2-A56C7E88E7E8.jpeg
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  13. Not a guru on Vespas, had a 90 in early 70's and loved it.
    Only real problems I had were the cables kept fraying. Awkward to fix but with experience quite quickly fixed. I think that is probably generic to Vespa's and scooters anyway.
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  15. Heres one I killed earlier.... about 30 years earlier!

  16. It’s a bit like the song one piece at a time but it’s actually a 62.
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  17. Or triggers brush to be more precise!
  18. I’m gonna have a look at it.
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