Any Vespa gurus here?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by orwell84, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Ha ha two strokes
    Brrinnnnnnnnnnnn nan na na nin nin nin …o_O. Buy a nice four stroke monkey:) 104C2C9B-283A-4261-B055-871B3D62350C.jpeg
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  2. So do I :)
  3. Buy it. You know you want to ;).
  4. I think I’m going to. I have wanted one since I sold mine in 1990. The cruciform piece broke apart in downtown traffic and locked up the back wheel. Some shade tree mechanic fixed it but it always made a clunking noise. Sold it to a kid from the Philippines. Saw him months later and he told me his dad had fixed it. Bent crank that needed straightening.
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  5. We’ve been through depressing times. You need a treat ;)
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  6. If you do buy it, be careful where you source parts from, a lot of Asian aftermarket products are terrible quality. About 10 years ago the UK market was awash with imported scooters from Vietnam etc that looked great.

    From 6000 miles away.....
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  7. Thank you. Sounds a lot like bus parts. This is an old scoot. Bumps, dents and scrapes. Looks like sh*t at 1000 yards.

    378CAF13-973E-401F-8271-4F520BFC7D4E.jpeg F172C721-F515-4237-832B-47BD53BD0484.jpeg
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  8. Looking at it Wednesday but bringing cash and a truck.
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  9. BUY IT !
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  11. White or silver rims Dave…..
  12. Got to be doing a 10" wheel conversion first?
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    ive gone black
  14. davidoft

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    Crossed my mind but not for the minute, it it just drums and brakes or mudguards too?
  15. Mudguard should be fine, small frames are fitted with 10" hubs and rims as standard, with a smaller mudguard.

    Moving to 10" set up also gives options for a front disc brake, but with new forks from a PX or possibly a small frame PK,

    Probably no need if your are keeping it standard engine-wise.
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  16. Talking disc brakes, Lambretta were way ahead of their time developing inboard disc brakes, with 4 venting grilles.

    I think they were fitted to the SX range. Must be 60 years old now.

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    staying standard , it’s a 150 so goes ok, I’m to old for suping stuff up
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  18. From the shape of the headset it looks like a 150 Super?
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    yup :cool: super 150
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