Any cyclists out there? Road bikes specifically...I want to buy my first bike

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Tatty, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Not sure what you can get for £500. If you want new I'd take a look at the bigger retailers Evans and the like and see if you can one of last years models at a discounted price, around this time of year all the companies tend to bring out their 2015 bikes (hence 2014 will be last years). In terms of geometry, components etc I'd have thought they are likely to be pretty much the same. I'd tend to stick with one of the well known brands at this price point.

    For reviews try

    Other kit, cycling shorts, clip in shoes, helmet (let's have a for and against debate), gloves, lights, water bottle, water bottle cage and don't forget to carry a pump, tube patches, tyre levers. oh and if its cold your need a cycling gilet or jacket.
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  2. That looks pretty good @Sir Arthur :thumbsup:. We do have a fiamma rack but it's been left in the cellar up to now, gonna need it soon.
  3. cheapest at Evans is £600 do you know of a better deal?
  4. There were a few on ebay but all seemed to be in Essex for some reason! Bit reluctant to buy off ebay tbh...
  5. Hey @Jack Tatty if you after cheap decent cycle clobber try aldi, some of they're stuffs as good as other brands costing 5 x as much. Unless you're a label whore of course !
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  6. Picked up this winter soft shell for £16 windproof and shower proof, fleece lined.
    My last one has lasted for about 6 yes


  7. On the subject of bike racks - a quick google shows that you don't necessarily have to fork out for a Fiamma or Pendle. What boggo racks can be used with a Bay?
  8. OK...I'll start the ball rolling: Cycling shorts: No....SPDs: not ideal for a novice.....Helmet: your choice.....Gloves, Lights, Drinks Bottle,pump,tube,tyre levers....good breatheable waterproofs: Deffo:thumbsup:
  9. [​IMG]
    I use one of, light and takes 5 seconds to fit/remove....folds up easily.....great if you have a towbar
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  10. SPDs Dont encourage him to be a Wuss ... much more efficient and even my wife has SPDs :thumbsup:
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  11. Some of us wouldn't be seen in Aldi :p
  12. I send my foreign friend in for me!
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    Aldi stuff is brilliant :thumbsup: We also love cycling and are getting into it big style, Also love watching it, so much that we've already been to the Tour De France when in Yorkshire and La Vuelta a Espana in Santiago de Compostela for the last stage
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  14. Nothing with a sheepskin gusset, sir? Oooh. Suits you.
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  16. Have you dried out yet?
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  17. Ok then, wtf are SPDs? Presumably different from SBDs? :eek:
  18. Clip-in shoes I believe.
  19. :eek: first bike surely you need stabilizers
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