And tonight’s gig is

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  1. Tonight it's From the Jam at the Roadmender in Northampton, supported by Nine Below Zero:chewie:
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  2. Last night was Limehouse Lizzy again, bloody brilliant set, not a bad night for a tenner :D

    9DB0C798-6682-4DF4-9BFF-9FE2C0A116F9.jpeg 83CA2E1D-0F1B-480E-8C9D-9D5432567C84.jpeg 9B755DD7-9212-472C-BBC3-C560BC8BB217.jpeg
  3. A great band.. :chewie:
    Missed tickets for this..:(
    Was sold out quick..
    We're of to see them in Leamington instead..:cool:
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  4. IMG_20191221_215943867.jpg

    Saw these in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago..

    Well recommended..:hattip:
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  5. I did wonder if you'd be there, I think it sold out straight away. They did saying they are coming back at the end of the year:thumbsup:
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  6. yes indeed you do Art, they are brilliant. They always put on a superb show!
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  7. Not tonight, but Monday.
    We're off to see popular beat combo, The Slipknots, as you simply can't beat* a bunch of masked Americans with flamethrowers lashed to their guitars.
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  8. Hmmmm, the flamethrower on the guitar threatened to scorch the hat off the little bloke on the decks.
    The crowd however were spectacular, they kept opening circles & then running around like loony tunes beating each other to death.

    2020-01-20 21.58.21.jpg
  9. Mosh pits seem too well organised nowadays, though more brutal.

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  10. I'm going all funkateer, souldier on friday
    Norman connors and Lonnie liston smith

  11. Then next week.................... Kkkaty you should come along it's in folkestone at the chambers
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  12. Heard an interview with a slipknot the other day, what a smashing fella
  13. It never even occurred to me that Lonnie Liston Smith was still alive, never mind still touring
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  14. Tonight it's Midge Ure in the Town Hall Birmingham. I'll be honest he's not my cup of tea but I'm absolutely spannered after wine on the train, beers in the hotel and cocktails at the Chinese so I'll enjoy it anyway:D
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