And tonight’s gig is

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  1. Looks like the Buxton Opera house .
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  2. They were on at Cropredy earlier in the year. Very good they were too. Enjoy. Give my best to Martin. He'll probably remember me from the crowd. I was the one without the pewter tankard :thumbsup:
  3. Hawkwind are shocking. I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time with idiot friends who had not seen them before. I ended up watching Dave Brock and his noisy old band take twenty odd minutes to drudge their way through DoReMi a soul destroying seven times.
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  4. But ageing deaf dwarf kinda shocking.
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    I've known Martin for about 45 years, since my first tour with Tull.............. I'm so old. :(
  6. I'm in there on the left hand side [​IMG]

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  7. Tonight it's Bad Manners at the Roadmender in Northampton :chewie:
  8. 5E9E0FAA-731D-4116-A5A8-5057BD6C2A4B.jpeg Hugh Cornwell couple of days ago! 3C6CEA22-1AA6-4091-8A70-B343531C8F09.jpeg
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  10. When a member of the brass section decides to use your bar table as a stage. Pint of landlord rescued just in time [​IMG]
  11. Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra, bit of classic house in Bournemouth.
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    A bit belated as I’ve only just recovered from Batitude 2019, Lesley Carter ( fruitbat from Carter USM) annual birthday party all dayer at the windmill in Brixton.
    9 bands on , Obviously the two bands that Les is involved with still - Smokin Donuts and Abdoujaparov played their sets , excellent as usual, Drunken Dolly a Celtic punk band from the Netherlands played later on in the evening , seen these a few times and they didn’t disappoint - cracking set , another band and one that’s I’ve never seen but really impressed me with the music and stage presence was Pet Needs from Chelmsford - brilliant !
    Quite wanted to see The Menstrual Cramps as I’d heard they were good - they were technically brilliant but a bit too opinionated on many things for my liking :rolleyes:

  13. F17EBDFE-450D-4EDF-8A09-9AC45B7FA064.png Glen Hughes doing classic Deep Purple a few days ago, Middlesbrough
  14. Well not really a fan of pink Floyd but last Saturday I saw the Australian pink Floyd
    at BIC
    I can tell you that there is pretty much no difference between this and the real pink Floyd
    I was amazed but I had smoked some very fine cannabis also
    I have to say it was superb :D
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  15. Booked to see Nick Mason, Floyds drummer, with supporting musicians doing the psychedelic early stuff (Syd Barrat stuff) at York next May. Can’t wait
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    Sunday night at the swan Stourport

    Will’s band
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  17. what do they play malc...
    looks like two tone..:thinking:
  18. Badly Drawn Boy in Halifax tonight. Really quite superb :thumbsup:[​IMG]
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    Isn’t that @Lord Congi ?
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  20. Now you mention it you never see them both in the same room.....:thinking:

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