And tonight’s gig is

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MorkC68, Dec 17, 2017.

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  2. Last night, Shanks Pony at The Firerock in Sutton In Ashfield
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  4. Out tonight too...:chewie:

    80's band with 4 guitars..

    Last saw them in 2000..

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  5. Merlin Cat

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    SLF tickets bought :)
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  6. Robert Palmers backing group? ;)
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  7. last night was Ukulele Sunshine Revival in York. I didn't see much of them as i had to get them set up and then run for my train but i've worked with them before and enjoyed the music.
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  8. a bit more rowdy ...
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  9. would love to see a good uke band
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  10. me too! :D :D
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  11. No money left Mrs Columbo just bought Nick Cave tickets today for Brum Leeds and ... Prague!
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  12. not really in to the old stuff anymore.
    tomorrow night in manchester. INCISIONS/ANGRY ITCH.FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS>WE PUNCH TIGERS> FATALIST. £10 gullivers oldham st
    DIY or die.
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    hurrah! :)
  14. Last time I saw them was 78 , Aylesbury Friars and I got a good kicking
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  16. IMG_20191025_215713704.jpg
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  17. IMG_20191025_214159518.jpg

    These guys rocked last nite..:chewie::chewie:
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    02 institute Brum in the Digbeth fog tonight

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    The Selecter 40th anniversary tour. Brilliant night.


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