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    No way! I love Saxon. They played in Sheffield last year with Girls School supporting but we were away and missed them. I had their first LP and some later singles.

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  2. I saw Saxon on their Wheels of Steel Tour in Sheffield many, many, many years ago.
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  3. @MorkC68 I was going to see Mercury at The Diamond on Friday but it was sold out.
    I did see a band called The Robin Bibi Band at the Flying Circus yesterday afternoon. Absolutely brill. Never heard of Robin Bibi before but what a electric blues guitarist. Up there with the best I'v seen. 1010870-01-1600x1600.jpeg
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    Aparrently this was the other Saxon, Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson who where original Saxon members. I did ask where Biff Buford was, they just said “Oh him” :eek:


    It was a reet good night!

    @Jono1249 the Queen tribute was supposed to be brilliant, we didn’t go either :(
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    @MorkC68 have you seen Skid Row are playing some point this year...think the quireboys are with them....however...I may have just dreamt this???
  6. The singer is Brian from seventh son(saw him at Hoyland school 35 years ago) who always followed in the shadows of Saxon. I see he finally made it to where he wanted to be :)
  7. Was that the time his mike blew up and he finished the gig without it :thumbsup:
  8. Just checked, its the Stonedeaf festival at the showground, I'd recommend The Quireboys :D
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  9. To be fair he was a good frontman and carried the Saxon sound very well, he worked the crowd well too :D
  10. He was ok as Seventh Son, they just seemed a bit like a Saxon tribute band hence why they never quite made it. Used to see Biff in Barnsley bus station as he couldn't drive :)
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  11. Last night’s gig was these. Mandolin O.range at the Greystones, Sheffield. It was just the mandolin player, Andrew Marlin, and fiddler/guitarist, Emily Frantz. They were rather fantastic. If you like this sorta thing they might be coming to a venue near you :thumbsup:
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    They're rather good.
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    Shame I’m on iow @Jack Tatty or we could have rendezvoused. Tho I don’t like thornbridge? Ales that they sell at the greystones
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  14. @Merlin Cat, yes, I did think about whether you were nearby.....bit too late though as we were already there :D. Can’t comment on the ales as I’m full of Man Flu and was driving too. Had a nice Frenchy type meal at Bistro Pierre at the bottom of the road. @Terrordales, yes, they were awesome. Been wanting to see them for a while and wasn’t disappointed :thumbsup:
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  15. Not tonight, but I've just bought some tickets for that popular, if polemic Irish beat combo, the U2's.
  16. Best band in our area by a country mile, stick with it the lyrics are hilarious!

  17. Last time I had Jaipur, I was none too clever the day after :( I still to this day do not know why :D
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  18. Does he actually sing these days or is he still trying to phone world leaders.
  19. He's way too busy thinking about tax avoidance :D
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  20. I quite agree, the bloke is a complete twunt, every album since Boy has been a rehash of October, but I challenge you to find a band that puts on a superior live show.
    Indeed, not since the heady days of the Grateful Dead has a band been so good live and yet so absolutely dire on vinyl.
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