Accuspark etc - any good???

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Rixy, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Svda with electronic ignition for minimal fuss, just set the timing and off you go.
    If you are unsure of the history of the engine then do the plugs and leads too
    Mine runs happier on svda than with a 009
  2. I swapped my genuine bosh dizzy for a powerspark vac advance with the electronic module allready installed of ebay

    My bus runs smoother at low revs and half throttle than it did before and no flat spot on acceleration either

    Cheap as chips of ebay and has seen me fine for about 600 miles now

    Then again ive also got an empi carb fitted that most people hate but its also done me proud
  3. Can I use the SVDA one I have now? I thought the "point" was to get rid of the points? I'm such a dumbass! :D
    I've not got megabucks to spend, but a couple of ton for the lot is do-able. I'm starting to trawl through 123/powerspark/accuspark threads but is a lot of heavy weather!
  4. Should also mention that my engine is FI in case that alters things?
  6. Feel free to ease my pain with a nice, concise, 100% accurate, beyond-debate summary anyone! :D
  7. I went for the powerspark vac andvance dizzy with module fitted to suck it and see

    No complaints at all so far but when i play with my engine a little and ive got more funds im going the 123 route

    You will never get a concise 100% accurate answer on the net because humans moan about the bad points but rarely big up the good points

    Vw never fitted a bus with a 009 as standard there for stationary engines

    As for the electronic modules ive heard of more petronix fail than the cheap accu/power spark ones
  8. i've since had 2x accuspark units and both have failed after less than a hundred miles, currently using an old set of points and condensor, and perfect for over 800 miles.......
  9. o rixy dont say that ,i just chucked a accuspark unit in my bus man .....
  10. sorry dude - in your case - accuspark are excellent and will give you miles and miles of trouble free motoring :) that better??
  11. Much difference between the Accuspark/Powerspark affairs?
  12. i thought FI used completely different dizzy and the ecu did the work??
  13. Urg! Don't be saying that to me! I had a rebuild off a complete space cadet that didn't have a clue about the FI system, had the van for 5 months etc etc...
    This will certainly not improve my image of him and yellow snow me off no end!
  16. hows everyone going with their Powerspark or Accuspark dizzys? Im tempted to get one I have a massive flat spot with my 009
  17. Mines still working fine
  18. Just fitted a PowerSpark Distributor and New Coil to my T2 Bay 1976 Camper. Bought from SimonBBC via Fleebay!

    I have a question regarding timing. At the upper limits the timing is coming in at about 35, lower end 3-6. Someone once told me this should be 29. I can set to 29, but at the lower end it is running at 0, and the engine keeps stalling.

    Any advice on what the lower and upper limits should be set to on an AD engine.

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