Accuspark etc - any good???

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  1. Just fitted one on our 2lt 73 westy. Still to run it up and sort timing but early signs are good. We got the complete dizzy and coil setup for
  2. thats cheap - i was thinkin of getting the complete dizzy, but dont really need a coil as mine's a new bosch one.....that'd mean a new dizzy, and would rule out that possible problem in the future too :)
  3. Yeah, our old dizzy had major amounts of play and just felt I could do without future issues. Check out accuspark on YouTube as their videos are worth a look
  4. they are good i got one,had two of the other make and didnt work
  5. excellent, where is that offer you got happy harry where ya get everything for 63 delivered? is that an 009 or a vac advance dizzy?
  6. I have one for a vacuum advance dizzy and its brilliant, easy to fit and set up. You just need to adjust the timing after you have fitted it. The website has a good video too showing you how to do it if you got stuck. All I would say is avoid getting the heatsink paste on your jumper as it does not come off!

    I had two failed petronix units (They were 5-6 years old) and this was a much cheaper alternative. It seems to work well and the engine is the smoothest it has ever been. If it only lasts a few years then well the cost is so little that you could change it a few times before you get to the price of the more expensive items. I carry spare points as well just in case!


  7. That was for a vac advance one from eBay. This was the item number if still working 180732941083. It was
  8. 63quid for coil and dizzy ....its going to be chineese crap .... seriously get your original boch dizzy refurbed
  9. Why knock it if you've not had or tried one?
  11. I agree definitely keep with a good quality distributor if possible. The cheaper copies that I have had have been pretty poor and the timing wanders all over the place. However, I can't comment on the acuspark ones and the actual electronic igniton bit you can buy separately by acuspark seems really good.

  12. I bought the accuspark electronic module as my pertronix failed upon first use. This could have been caused by me but I don't know.

    The accuspark module hasn't caused me any problem at all. I considered the dizzy too - I contacted a number of people who had bought them on ebay and they all reported back that they had done many miles without issue and that the item was of high quality. My understanding is that these are manufactured in the UK.

    I don't believe that its chinese crap, although all the other chinese crap I own, like my ipodS, I pad, LED TV etc all stand up to scrutiny over products typically manufactured in the UK
  13. I had one while by bosch was refurbed . was ok but not as nice as the og one ...... I`m not knocking all chinese goods and my bus doesn`t have a LED TV or docking station for the I pad 8)....put it this way name one aftermarket replacement item that is better than the original
  14. ok then peeps, thanks for your answers....hope i havent started and argument, lol......

    I will maybe buy the dizzy with electronic, put the electronics in my og dizzy, and keep the new dizzy as a spare setup for one of the other aircooled beasts i've got, lol...always helps to have spares eh!!!
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  16. i have bought three of these units one for my Bay one for the bug and one for my dads MGB they definatly imptove starting when hot in the bay and need no adjustment once fitted.
    I gotmine from they guy on the first link. simonbbc very helpful when i didnt read the instructions and set the first one up too tight and melted it. sent me a replacement that a fitted properly and no problems since,
    only had them about a year so not sure how long they last.
    i have a spare German dizzy with points all set up ready to go under the seat just incase.
  17. Jesus, that samba thread reads like its heresy...

    I went electronic route because its one less item to service. Just like I put non-stock headlight bulbs in so I could see at night. And an electric fuel pump. And an electric washer pump.

    If its any consolation to anyone though, I did go outside and whip myself with a length of birch immediately afterwards as a nod to the old timers in the dark ages

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