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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Rixy, Dec 12, 2011.

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    sorry to re hash this thread i have points and condenser, woody sent me a link to the electronic replacement, i just wondered who thought which was best out of the 2
    i have the dizzy with the vac advance on the side which is the correct one for both of these types, i have a brand new set of points and a brand new condenser i found in the van spares that came with it but i like the idea of fit and forget.
  3. i ve got one in tony there fine you can buy them direct though the last one i had for my bug i got from m*******r from ebay
    which i wrongly ordered he went deaf to my emails
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    yes, i think he's making out it works with a bosch dizzy but it's cheeky wording!
  6. Hi guys. I'm new to the forum So forgive my ignorance.
    I've picked up an engine to muck about with, the intention being to get it up and running either as a spare engine or to put in a project bus eventually.

    Point being, I have no distributor, coil or leads. I have even looking at eBay for a 2nd hand unit but the prices are kicking the backside out of either of the repo units mentioned above. Surely a fresh unit is better than a worn old unit, no? Sure if a Bosch unit goes cheap enough I'd take a chance but for less than a tenner difference I plan to plump for a aftermarket unit.

    What are the pros/cons? I've read this post but it doesn't really answer this question (i feel it kinda ended up in a points vs electronic ignition comparison.) I'm new to these engines so apologies if Im missing the point :) I don't want to chuck away £30 on a crappy old or wonky repo unit. I just want to get my engine back together as a useable unit again.

    Cheers in advance for your comments

  7. Coil: a bog standard Brazilian one. It doesn't have to be blue :). Leads: a set of Bosch or Beru (not JK bargain specials). Dissy - I'd honestly keep an eye out for a used original Bosch unit.

    Might want to go with points to start with, but electronic ignition's worth going for for sheer lack of faff.
  8. It's very simple. If points were made as they were in the 60's and 70's, you would not benefit from electronic ignition.

    Today they make points so bad, some don't work out of the box, more than 50% of all calls for help I get from aircooled drivers are points related.

    Bosch has different quality standards, there are Bosch points in existence made for specific markets which are good quality, but there is no good way of telling one from another.

    They require proper adjustment and lubrication which is often overlooked.

    Electronic ignition is sensitive to heat, they mostly give up from overheating. VW made electronic ignition for the T25's and it works just as good in a bay window, the module is separated from the distributor and lays on a cooling block. I have yet to find one that broke down.

    One of the benefits of electronic ignition is they can take a much higher voltage, and provide you with a bigger spark. You benefit from this ONLY if you use the appropriate ignition coil for el. ignition. (most people just install the hall sensor and call it done)

    My personal opinion is that electronic ignition is a 1st priority upgrade for reliability on a vw air cooled engine.
    (my cars were never towed)
  9. Does the t25 dizzy and electronic ignition fit straight onto a 1600 tp?
  10. So up-rated "sports" coils are not a gimmick then. Hmmm well today I managed to pick up a used bosch dizzy on eBay cheaply, So much for my previous post then :)
    so getting rid of the points/ consensor and going electronic with a more powerful coil is the way then?

  12. Cool. Loving the advice

  13. My eBay distributors turned out to be too new and no use to me so I'm back onto considering an accuspark or powerspark distributor. For £30 it's worth the gamble for a points based one. Has anyone got a good story to tell? Is one brand better than the other? Any good customer service comments to be made about with company?
  14. Ive not done enough miles on mine to make much comment yet

    However the dizzy arrived quickly and was packaged well
    It offers a three year warrenty so if it does play up over time id imagine id get it replaced ok
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    6000 miles over about two years and never been a problem
  16. Oh ive bought the powerspark not the accuspark

    Whats the betting that they both come off the same production line?
  17. I've done 20 miles on my accuspark, all good so far.
  19. Currently, my ignition seems to want to do something, but it won't catch. Was debating changing points/condenser and plugs on my 2.0 type 4 with SVDA (dunno what coil), but IF, I was to change the ignition, coil, distributor, leads etc, what would you reckon would be best? Sort of an advance on 9Cherries' question really. I know it might be a little expensive but my bus has given me so much grief for SO long I don't really give a toss and would be happy to spend a couple of hundred if it gets the thing actually working with minimal faffing.
    Cheers in advance of any replies!
  20. If you have dollar to spend then look into the 123 dizzy dude

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