Accuspark etc - any good???

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  1. i have been running aircooled vw's for over 20 years and i have just got round to fitting my first ever electronic ignition after never straying from points & condenser.
    i have to say that it makes a hell of a difference, so much smoother at idle and pick up is so much improved. put it this way, i have bought another set for my other bay, my inlaws have bought one for their karmann beetle and my brother in law has bought one for his bay!

    i got mine from these guys on ebay:

    brilliant kit, well priced and a doddle to fit, just need basic tools and a strobe light is very handy for timing. very highly reommended :)
  3. I had a petronix unit - didnt make any difference. plus you still have to carry a spare which are usually points and condensor, so why not just stick with points and condensor? much cheaper to replace than electronic when it packs up (which it will) and normally outlasts electric. So I went back to points and condensor when I changed over Dizzy. takes 30 seconds to check and the same again to adjust.
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    To summarise, they are good and many use them to great effect, equally many people use p&c without any trouble from the norm.

    Pros - cheap, generally will not suddenly break.
    Cons - can need adjustment.

    Pros - doesn't need checking/adjusting, possible ignition benefits, more consistent spark.
    Cons - expensive, when they do break they stop dead.
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    I like points. I like that intricate fiddling at service time. I'd rather spend my money on a tank of gas and a weekend away.

    We've had this talk before about fuel savings from this and everything else available. If you pardon the pun its all "pointless." :)
  8. I've got the accuspark setup with the distributor only been on for about 1k miles but it took the ignition being a problem out of the equation when setting the engine up, I cant comment on improvements in running because before fitting it I'd never driven this van, but it feels good and pulls well so i cant complain, I've got a spare set too so can change it IF it goes wrong, but one of the classic car mags rated it well and its been about for couple or more years now, so I'm not worried. all in all for £60, you cant really go wrong.
  9. I think leccy ignitions are a waste of time on a stock engine. I honestly cant feel the difference in performance or economy I always thought people just say it feels better justify spunking ££ up the wall. Iv bought them more than once and had them fail more than once.

    you know were you stand with points :)
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    I thought many more people would have P&Cs.
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    I too am surprised at the low number of retro fitter of P&C's we have. I'll never change to EI.
  14. Too many listen to the naysayer 'experts' to realise that it's actually a benefit. They probably save their money and spend it on dodgy and dangerous lowering kits which 'improve' the handling of their bus instead
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    I've fitted E/I to all my buses, never had a problem with them, just fit and forget
  17. Type 25 air cooled set up on mine! Been on forever - doesnt have Idle unit fitted though to keep things simple.
  18. First thing i threw away were the points and condenser. Hateful little things they are. The two items most likely to leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, at night, when its raining and when you are in a hurry. I ritually smashed my old condenser with my hammer and sat smug in the knowledge i'd got my vengeance in first.

    Birdy is a luddite and will soon be fitting gas lamps as interior light and installing an Otto engine. Pnuematic tyres? no way, Birdy just has solid rubber on wooden spokes for wheels.
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