FOR SALE 1977 Volkswagen bay project

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    I think you need to decide what you'd prefer doing for the next three years, camping or laying under a rusty van. Either one is going to cost you lots of money in the end.
    I've seen loads of these "Projects" and a lot of the time they are just unattractive garden features, you would be better off having a summer house and decking built if you need something to go in the garden.
    Maybe see how much you can borrow from the bank and get a van you can actually go out in and start making memories.
  2. Hey @paradox how does this compare to yours, was yours better or worse when you started and how long have you been going?
  3. It's in a lot worse condition than mine was
    I've owned mine for ten years and started the resto about 7 years ago
    Job loss,ill health, 4 house moves,one child being born aswell as my dad passing away and mother in law passing away have prolonged it.

    I've a lot of good memories from when it was on the road and used for the first few years so I've kept at it
    If I hadent had the fun of using before the restoration and I'd bought it as a project I would have sacked it of years ago
  4. As I've said before I admire your stamina but just illustrating to the OP how long these things sometime take @Diddymen your another long time restorer
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  5. I think your living in a dream world if you think you could restore that for less than 5-6 k .... spend an hour and price up all the parts you`d need etc ...don`t take it personally no one could ...its a romantic notion ...... my advice take it or leave it is PART IT OUT ....
  6. They always take longer and cost more than you imagine and that's without normal life throwing you curve balls.

    I'd say that bus is worth a grand
    But it's going to take a lot of time and money to even get to primer stage
    Then there's the mechanicals and interior to do
    I'd personally have the same concerns about it as flakey does
    Gutters,rear chassis rails and rear torsion tube
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  7. Totally agree with the above posting by ihu 1281.
    Throughout the discussion about this vehicle (on the different threads that it has appeared in) the emphasis has been on the cost of panels/welding/paint.
    No consideration has been given to possible replacement of locks, switches, electrical components etc etc. If (for example) the sliding door hinge unit, remote control lock, central lock, top and bottom roller brackets are shot you are talking several hundred pounds to replace and they are hard to find in RHD in the first instance.
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  8. I know all of the little things that can crop up, switches, wiring etc but it looks like most of that is there...just hope it all works etc
  9. Put a fresh battery on it and crank her up ,a rolling resto and you have just doubled the value...:chewie:

    I cannot believe the number of pessimists on this forum...:D
  10. Buy it now then we can lock this thread and you can start a resto one
  11. The optimists are not stumping up the cash or helping with the resto. As said a lot can happen to personal circumstances along the way which could easily derail or end the project.

    What @sANDYbAY says makes a lot of sense.
  12. That is life mate...:p

    must have been sold ,item not available anymore....?
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    posted on the wrong thread,:burp:
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