FOR SALE 1977 Volkswagen bay project

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Rob'n'shauna, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Thanks fellas and ruskin! Hhmm when? You didnt know somebody called ivan wright? Lived near saxton way?. Im near the green in airedale.

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  2. most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I lived on Henson grove as well ...bought a house ,the cladded one....:D

    My car lot was opposite the shops ,we used to sell bangers...:D
  5. look at the seats ,new jacking points ,steering wheel ,it will be gone in a day....:hattip:
  6. There's a ton in the alloys :p
  7. Step didn't look too bad, new front panel??
  8. I must be mad, can't weld, little if no cash....for a 39 years old vehicle that needs EVERY panel replacing!!!!!
  9. Flakey

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    Make no mistake that needs a hell of a lot of work, probably not the best one for a novice, good decision .
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  10. Drivers side step is crusty needs replacing, passenger side isnt too bad...

    @Camperboy40 although it does need a lot of work... look here

    I was going to buy box section to makena jig with the use of a hydraulic bottle jack to raise the height.

    I was going to buy the correct box sections for the chassis rails and then buy sheets and do the outer panels with.. just a bit of practice with the welder. I cant weld either so . Was gunna learn on this too
  11. I think I've worked out how you know purple is my fave colour.....
  12. Pleased you took our advice and have decided to sell that wreck. Now you can focus on your family life.
  13. Ok guys I need serious, advice on my decision please!
    I know it needs a lot of work, panels etc...but I also know a lot of you have been here too
  14. Oh goodie, I was writing my last post when this was added
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    That's what I was going to do, hence I knew the link didn't work...
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  16. How?
    Are you buying it then or not? £1250 is cheap for a rhd ik registered bus, seats alone are worth £200 looking at them. Also it has a viking poptop so should in theory sleep 6. @davidoft & his welder come cheap I've heard or @Paul Weeding maybe?
  17. I've seen worse sell for more
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  18. Maybe one of the blunderbusterds want to buy it?
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  19. How cheap is cheap lol
  20. Not me! Steering wheel is too small!
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