FOR SALE 1977 Volkswagen bay project

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Rob'n'shauna, Feb 2, 2017.

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    Unless you're really committed to it I'd look for something that needs a little less work.
    Ours wasn't too bad all things considered, and It'll probably be 2.5-3 years for the full resto (just over a year on it so far). Currently doing 3 nights a week on it plus a full day at the weekend; it's a lot of time!
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  2. I'm still thinking @SweeneyTodd
  3. Trust me I'd be committed to it, just like I was my last one
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  4. I remember all the hard work, long nights and scraps on my knuckles!!
    My last one, first one, hardly needed any welding so it was a lot easier
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  5. Has anybody actually seen this in person?!
  6. To be clear its not a super 6. So doesnt have 6 beds!
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  7. Yeah - Rob has :p
    Buy the thing you know you want to. It is a proper resto!!
  8. I've sent you a pm
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  9. I bought loads unseen...:D

    And with a LOT less pictures....
  10. But can you weld?
  11. of course , but i was'nt born with a welder in my hand ..;)

    Don't worry I am having some red wine and might "buy it now" later on this evening...:D
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  12. Not if I get there first!! Lol
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  13. You want a project ,its cheap ,dunno what your waiting for tbh...:gnome:
  14. I've messaged rob, my problem is I have a small buisness and my trade is very quiet this time of year so I need rob to hold it for a bit for me
  15. you snooze , you lose....:D
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  16. :mad:
  17. we decided to discuss it on "midlife crisis"
  18. That's got an epic amount of work in it and that's just the surface that you can see. Rob you must have stones like bowling balls to have been considering that without ever welding before.
    Our bus was a millionty times better than that when we started and it still spiralled every time we dug a little deeper. Looking at it as a long term project where you are doing it for the satisfaction of knowing you've done it and with no big ideas on time scale then I think if I had space I might take that - but having seen the quality of some of the busses members having been selling for £12-17k on here in pristine order with all the work done you would have to know you are buying your pleasure and satisfaction.
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