FOR SALE 1977 Volkswagen bay project

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Rob'n'shauna, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Can you fix it David?
  2. If you buy this bus the steering wheel is the least of your worries
  3. That phrase is all wrong.......
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  4. He's having a look on laptop and gonna get back to me
  5. He loves it!!
  6. It's a parts van at best'd spend a fortune and wish you bought one with proper Windows
  7. One mans s**t is another mans gold
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  8. Flakey

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    I'd love to see this bus in the flesh cos there's two things I suspect are going to be a big problem on it, I reckon the roof has been leaking big time and the rear torsion tube is possibly in a mess , that rot in the rear chassis started with water coming down and ends beyond what's visible in the photos.
    If you buy it I hope you prove me wrong :thumbsup:
  9. I'm hoping Everyone's wrong and it's surface rust that just needs a little gentle sanding......but I doubt it
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  10. Mild Steel sheet is no good, you need DC01 formable sheet steel. It's produced especially for making complex shapes due to its capability of being bent/formed into specific shapes. It has a low yield stress but high tensile strength to allow it to do this.

    Most automotive manufacturers use it for chassis and panels :)
  11. Can't be any worse than this -
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  12. No it's been work shopped! It's up on the ramp - no front end or little else for that matter. I took the pic from the gantry above where the van sat. we had to weight & strap it down at the front so it didn't tip up & slide off backwards. Theres a pic of it now my thread V is for Victor :)
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  13. Looks worse .. at least the Devon has windows and not a converted van .
    It's a scrapper all day long .. you can buy a better rust free base import van for 6k it's just not viable ... oh and the windows ... did i mention the windows
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  14. Windows....hmm?!
    I don't think you did mention the windows.
  15. Don't be so negative, when every bit has been replaced it will be as good as new. The windows are made of glass ...
  16. I was pretty negative about this van and I still am. My admiration goes out to folks who have the courage and patience to take such a project on.

    Clearly its going to take a lot more than some light sanding down and a lick of paint to bring this back.
  17. I did and still do have the courage to take the van on... even with very little welding experience.... simply because i dont have 5-6k or more burning a hole in my pocket. This would be the only chance i would have of ever owning a van.. once its gone its gone. I'm still bloody tempted... even more so when me n the wife have just done a weeks shopping in the mini and what a farse!! (She chose the car not me).. anyway... she'd go nuts if i did go ahead with it.. i know i could do it but.. anyway
  18. Then my advice would be to sit on it and do it a little at a time dude!!
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  19. Pm'd. Its still up available @Camperboy40 its a case of wife sees sense.. husband sees different lol. Ive no intentions of messing anybody around by any means.. if the van had been a tad better bodywise it probably wouldnt be on ebay.

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