1976 Westfalia Berlin Sage Green. Pebbles

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by slammedresto, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Small jobs sometime offer more satisfaction than the big ones
  2. Yes it's been done before...... But I had one winder with no plastic covering or winder knob

    So stripped the second one to match, polished and wheels added

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  3. Our new custom buseyes also arrived

    No more getting woken up at sunrise

    IMG_20190704_220242.jpg IMG_20190704_220310.jpg
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  4. If money was no object. Then my no1 choice would be a sage green westy berlin. Imho it’s t2 perfection. Yours looks bloody lovely.

    Is there a jealous emoji???
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  5. These are my westfalia decals from NLA VW after less than 6 months...... They where very thin and 2 of the 4 I bought just ripped as I peeled them off their backing paper

    As you can see faded badly

    IMG_20190804_194142.jpg IMG_20190804_194132.jpg
  6. Decided to replace with free gowesty decals I got with my order

    IMG_20190804_194929.jpg IMG_20190804_194820.jpg
  7. Has a night away at my parents camping in their fields with my daughter, a few dusk pictures

    IMG_20190803_205819.jpg IMG_20190803_205948.jpg IMG_20190803_212440.jpg
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  8. Nice view this morning

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  9. Stunning looking bus, I'd be frightened to drive it, hope you and your family enjoy it
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  10. It's not short of dings, scrubs up well tho @Valveandy
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  11. looking very good Gary :thumbsup:
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  12. IMG_20190809_212505.jpg

    A few upgrades ready to go

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