1976 Westfalia Berlin Sage Green. Pebbles

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  1. That is going to end up one very smart bus.:thumbsup:
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    That’s a very nice bus indeed.
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  3. 20181013_164422.jpg 20181013_164412.jpg Madmatz Kick panels and cab carpets in. Just seat stand wraparound to do next
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  4. When you finished cleaning you can start on ours. Proper nice job you've done there

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  5. Complete the look?


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  6. Lovely bus.

    It makes you look so young in all the photos

  7. Well Pebbles as he's been named by my son, is now residing at Bugmad Customs awaiting a few winter jobs.

    New canvas to be fitted
    Poptop to be repainted
    Gearbox to be fitted after old one is sent off for reconditioning
    Stereo and speakers to be fitted
    Full set of US spec overider to be painted and fitted
    A little bodywork to be sorted

    As well as that I'm looking at getting Solar panels and a12v diesel heater fitted too
  8. received_477884256034099.jpeg

    Looking for some advice on solar panels. Seen this kit that could be the ticket, 200w. Opinions please
  9. Also aiming to get a12v diesel heater fitted

    Seen good feed back on these from several peeps

  10. That’s similar to mine except I have a MPPT controller. Have a look at http://thelatebay.com/index.php?threads/fitting-solar-from-scratch.71515/page-18#post-1497631

    I’ll be replacing the two 100w panels and probably the controller too but not with any Eco-Worthy products. You might be lucky, most are, but if there is a problem it’s impossible to contact Eco-Worthy.
  11. The top one isnt ecoworthy and comes with an mppt controller. Im assuming the ecoworthy ones are a bit hit and miss then???
  12. super straight
  13. I was just giving you a heads up on Eco Worthy. Most people are really happy with their products and they are certainly helpful when you are about to place an order but after purchase don’t expect any help. That’s my experience anyway.

    The top one claims to be using SunPower panels, they appear to be good quality, from their website “Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. But the unique design of SunPower solar cells eliminates 85% of the reasons conventional cells fail.” I suggest you do some homework on the controllers to make sure whatever is supplied is truly MPPT. The price seems cheap to me for good quality products.
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  14. ordered my 12v Diesel heater on 24/11, arrived a few days ago

    pics to follow
  15. That’s a super clean original looking Westy! Exactly what I should have bought rather than spending the last 4 years trying to make mine as good! Looking forward to seeing the updates on the stereo upgrades and the solar!
  16. received_2127657230661049.jpeg Well update time

    Bus back came back 2 days before going to volksworld after a few jobs done. Drove well with new box

    Gearbox fully rebuilt with higher 4.57 ratio 4th
  17. received_406893066753319.jpeg received_259045731669566.jpeg received_2150026015307415.jpeg IMG_20190324_165451.jpg IMG_20190324_165437.jpg IMG_20190324_165445.jpg IMG_20190324_165155.jpg IMG_20190324_165135.jpg

    Also had roof repainted and new canvas fitted

    New stereo and speakers fitted. Was just a hole in dash when I got it

    Solar panel and other bit associated fitted

    Chinese heater fitted, tank under bed, heater mounted under bus and covered with modified belly pan

    Rear grot behind bumper cut out, welded painted etc

    Overiders painted and fitted.
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  18. IMG_20190322_132941.jpg received_2072396983058920.jpeg Also finished off fitting my carpets and fitted new chrome badge
  19. Few pics from volksworld. Cruised up there nicely with the taller 4th on the motorway

    IMG_20190323_203732_584.jpg IMG_20190323_113021.jpg IMG_20190324_092923.jpg

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