1976 Westfalia Berlin Sage Green. Pebbles

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  1. More in the pipeline....

    More pics when I've done it
  2. Cracking job bud,the overriders finish it off,cheers.
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  3. that is beautiful!
  4. Volksworld has been and gone......

    Bus has been for a bit more work

    IMG_20190403_181108.jpg IMG_20190403_174912.jpg IMG_20190406_145656.jpg
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  5. So...... Bfgoodridge 215 75r15 all terrain tyres, HD anti roll bars, new KYB gas shocks all round

    IMG_20190505_122649.jpg IMG_20190505_122740.jpg IMG_20190505_122700.jpg IMG_20190505_122108.jpg IMG_20190504_195907.jpg IMG_20190504_134709.jpg
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  7. Agreed - love the new wheel tyre combo

    In fact I love the look of the whole bus - very nice

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  8. Found my keys I though I had list..... So finally fitted

  9. The silver one my daughter is sitting on, yup a cool box. Modern one. Vintage looks
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  10. Do you have a link to it?
  11. No sorry, bought off ebay
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  13. Very nice! Loving the off road syncro look. I’m intrigued to where the spare wheel lives?
  14. It's going to live on the back. I'm. Hoping to get a bluebird bracket
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  15. Exciting update......

    Well not really, but it really annoyed me, my westy storage seat only having one rubber.

    It needs 2 to stop it moving about.

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