1976 Westfalia Berlin Sage Green. Pebbles

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  1. received_2164111310524716.jpeg Well after being in the T25 wilderness We are back with another late bay. Our 76 westy berlin from Minnesota.

    After previously owning our 79 westy berlin and then moving onto the T25 our next bus had to be another berlin.

    After 9 months of looking we found this by chance on preloved
  2. Nice one bud , you had the quallies to find one that’s fa sure :thumbsup:
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  3. received_1031541487023638.jpeg After striking a deal we got it trailered to us. One in one out. Our 67 bug off for itsengine to be finished and new webers fitted
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  4. It's had 2 owners in the UK. The importer and the couple we bought it from. It's been here since 2011.

    Its 75% og paint. Its had some work. Just needd some bodywork needed behind the rear bumper as its a bit crusty.

    The interior is pretty mint. But was missing the flip down part of the bed, the rear table and brackets and dash table.

    Plans are to paint the pop top and replace what's left of the original canvas. Ive also bought an NLAVW rear table and found an og dash table. Also bought some sounds to fit

    Lastly the gearbox had issues so that's being sent off for a refurb

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  5. First things first.....a good clean, G3 on all the faded original paint. Then a full machine polish and buff 20180914_192021.jpg
  6. After a good 8 hours of cleaning and polishing... 20180916_131524.jpg
  7. Once the outside was looking good I fitted our repro rear table. Full kit needed as we didn't have any brackets either.

    Interior is pretty mint. Also has the original curtains too.

    20180916_131717.jpg 20180915_190334.jpg

  8. 20180922_133030.jpg As the bed part was missing I bought a new set of repro roof bed hinges from NLAVW. I had the cushion part. So just needed to make the base and add poppers etc

    20180922_122820.jpg 20180922_131022.jpg
  9. Brackets fitted and all finished. 20180929_190150.jpg
  10. Had to give the vents a quick blast of black paint. Interior laminate door panels etc are in poor condition and have been painted over. So ive a new set to fit from NLAVW 20180916_180944.jpg 20180916_180930.jpg
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  11. I thought my cooker was knackered. But turns out i hadn't turned the right valve on my original underslung gas tank. Nice having a working gas tank 20181002_190604.jpg
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  12. The ultimate westy accessory.........the westy toilet box with original yellow bucket......unused 20180914_200434.jpg
  13. A few sounds to be fitted

  14. I’m loving the taps
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  15. Like, like, like a lot!

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