1975 HOODRIDE camper

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  1. Next...

    Some interior work.
    Here are 10 hessian coffee sacks from eBay.
    Inside at the moment there is a load of drab grey material that doesn't match the bamboo beach hut look. So I'll cover it in coffee sack, some have interesting logos on them. Should look good.
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  2. ...also I've found (not that I was looking very hard) the rear seat belt attachment points, so they'll be going in too and we're going to replace rear rock n roll bed foams and have them covered.
  3. She must be a few stone lighter now I've took all this horrible carpet and insulation out.

  4. "Performance modification". I love removing unnecessary crap from my bus. :thumbsup:
  5. Finally got round to putting some hessian on my sliding door card.


    I like it!
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  6. I got myself one of these off eBay.
    Have you seen them?
    I've finally got round to making it look like my Bay.

  7. Love that - quite fancy one - who did you get it from?
  8. Nice one, thanks!
  9. A spot of insulating from Monday evening.

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  10. Sliding door card done...

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  11. Loving your bus, doing something similar with our door cards..
  12. Cheers!
    Here are some pics from yesterday's work. I stripped out the old grey stuff, had to remove the bed front to find the speaker were holding it together. Oops.
    And I bit of rot turned up...
  13. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Love the use of hessian sacks. Does your van now have a mild smell of coffee about it? :)
  14. Sadly not.
    They have an interesting yet pleasant smell, but not coffee...
  15. Today I have a coffee sack door on my cupboard.
  16. Had a very productive day today.

    I put some flooring down.

    A read seatbelt got fitted, I didn't photo that I'm sure you can imagine it. I started putting more hessian coffee sacks on the walls with help from the wife.
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  17. Out at the Van-Jamboree today.

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  18. Cheers!
    It's all working well at the moment.

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