1975 HOODRIDE camper

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  1. Here we go - make sure the little hole below the crank is open and does not have case sealer blocking it. This is behind the shims.
  2. Yeah, the engine that destroyed itself was starved of oil due to a blocked oil port. This is a replacement engine (from eBay that I saw running) that was already drained of oil when I got it. Since then that area has been covered in oil due to the seal tearing. The van is now at Revesby garage, while it's there I may bite the bullet and ask them to sort it.
    I remember seeing that hole, but didn't have a good look at it.
  3. Yes, I was going to suggest checking that tiny whole. Also is there not a oil "washer" back behind the slims to deflect the oil back to the case, which reduces the amount of oil "pushing" against the seal? So was that in there when fitting the flywheel?
  4. That's t'other end.
  5. Revesby have have a look and come up with a suspect cracked piston forcing pressure into the case and forcing the oil out. It's not just coming out of the crank oil seal, it's getting forced out of other places too!
  6. Sorry @GRINNER. After weeks of deciding and finally getting permission from my girlfriend, I'm pinching the dash idea of your bus and putting my own twist on it.
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  7. Cool, put a photo up when your done!
  8. My van should be on the road soon...
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  9. Very different! Did the Jet fighter come with it??? Also nice wheels.
  10. Cheers!

    Here are some new ragtop photos you my have seen in general chat.



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  11. Your bus rocks , I must say , really love it
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  12. I think my front end is not long for this world.

    I am low at the front and I put my front left wheel in a hidden divot in the road. Where I smacked my front left corner if the van doing this...



    ...and it would seem to be rotten behind there.
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  13. Well, they (Revesby Garage) re-built my engine to 1776 cc. Fitted it, had it running great but then noticed an odd oil leak.
    There appears to be a hairline crack in the case just below a push rid tube.

    They think it can be welded. If not I've just been and donated the case from my old engine that'll need work to fit.
    Look like I'll have to wait a little while longer...
  14. Weird place for a crack? Hope the welding idea works! I've been hanging off the oil seal redo until winter.
  15. It's back!
    Back from the garage with a 1776 engine, new rag, new clutch, refurbished carb and a sliding door that shuts nicely.

    It was dark when I got home so I'll put some photos up tomorrow (weather permitting).
  16. The engine pulls really well. I knew I wouldn't have a huge power gain but there is a lovely feel to it now. Here is a photo, not much to see as it looks the same as everybody's type 1.
    The sliding door is amazing now, it's not a let it go and it sorts it's self, but just a gentle guided by a hand effort. Great!
  17. ...I tried to get a photo of the crack weld up job. But it's a blurry photo. I'll get under and take another one day.
  18. Some great ideas in your bus, I particularly love the interior and cab. Looks much cozier than some of the pristine jobs on here!

    Well done for keeping her on the road and thanks for sharing your experiences!
  19. Looks like the case might have been dropped at some point to get a crack there. It should weld up OK, though its magnesium alloy not straight aluminium.

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