1972 Porsche based bus thread

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Haveacamper, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. :praise: :mwave: :mwave: :mwave: :mwave:
    I'm in love :)
  2. Quality O0
  3. Very nice!!

    Those 944/928/911 seats are proving to be very popular... Got my eye on a couple of sets too! Are they comfy in the van?
  4. thanks guys.

    Andy, I dont know how comfy/uncomfy the seats are as i havent really done any mileage in them. i have had some of the foam removed out of the base so i can reach the pedals with no shoes on - i've had the arches tubbed by 40mm so made the difference.

    the comfyness of the seats will also depend on the suspension setup you have
  6. That interior looks amazing :thumbsup:
  8. One word : Stunning
  9. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    Lovely looking interior mate 8)
  10. Cheers guys, thanks for your continued kind words.

    have a little update to the engine tuning. i drove the bus over to the garage yesterday morning and the bus still juddered between 1800-2300rpm when under partial load.

    i phoned the gargae throughout the day and the owner said that his emissions machine broke so was hoping to drive the bus around the corner to the mot centre and use theirs. however, he said that the bus wasnt running well enough (worried i drove it 4miles to the garage :s). anyway, he tuned it by ear and said that it was running very lean and was surprised it was running at all. he said that it is sounding alot better and he has now run it up to temperature and changed the oil. he asked to keep it an extra day for the new part for his emissions machine turns up so he can fine tune it and get it running sweet. here is a link to the garge's facebook page :


    hoping to get the call today to collect it....soooo excited.

    p.s. a little worried that he said it was really weak because i was surprised what power it had without knowing that lol
  11. Flat 6 dude... bags of power even when it's not running right!! :thumbsup:

    make sure you take some spare pants with you when you go and collect it ;)
  12. you couldnt have timed you post better.

    the garage just phoned and the bus is ready. he's given me a couple of tips/advice on driving/modifying it further for future use, but I will be collecting at 5pm this evening.

    my heart is going crazy just thinking...its going to be a long afternoon waiting for 4pm to arrive!!!!!
  14. :thumbsup: what mods did he advise?
  15. hey, yep it definitely goes :)

    went straight to petrol station and drove it down the bypass. pretty quick.

    as for advisories, he mentioned about making sure i dont change down too early into 3rd as with 911's engines it can bend a valve. he mentioned that this is generally seen on the race track rather than on the road.

    he mentioned that it may be an idea to put larger tyres on the bus instead of the 205 45 17s that i have on the bus - to help reduce the rpm as its quite high.

    also mentioned about tweeking the throttle linkage i have as i currently dont have full throttle when the accelerator pedal is down to the floor.

    also mentioned that it may be an idea to look into getting a 5speed box, but i am not sure what 5speed box will fit???

    o ye, and also about putting some fuel cleaner into the fuel tank to help clean the injectors and the metering unit.

    right i think I am going to go for a spin...again :)

  16. porsche 911 (915) box dude... TBH I was a little surprised that you hadn't gone that way with the 911 engine!!

    Just been installing a 915 in my van... see my resto thread in my sig :thumbsup:
  17. now you tell me :p i will see how it goes.

    out of interest, how did you hang the bellhousing? did you have to fit the shift tube because of your cross member was bent? or is this a requirement for the 915box?

  18. I've done away with the mid mount... porsche just have the 2 mounts..

    the shift rod is relocated as the bus one comes out of the top of the nose-cone, and the porsche is out of the bottom!!

  20. spoke to the garage this morning cos the bus was a little juddery when driving the last few mile to work this morning. between 1500-2250ish. when i changed from say 2nd to 3rd and landed on 1800 and accelerated away it would judder.

    the garage politely said that i was driving it like a fanny! what he actually said, was that the 911 engine doesnt really like to be run lower than 2000rpm. also, having looked at the torque curve and putting into our tractive effort sheet in work i really need to change at a higher rpm due to the gear ratios i have and the torque i will be achieving in the next gear.

    the garage said that if it continues after i drive the bus a bit more liberally, then he will come out for a spin with me to experience it first hand.


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