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  1. so its pretty much ready for the MoT....i think!

    when i say its mot ready - the engine lights work, the indicators work, hazards, wipers, windscreen washers. o ye, and the engine.....

    engine running clip. not sure how to enbed the link

    maybe book and MOT for Saturday
  2. Access denied to video. £1200 on a gearbox? :eek:
  3. don't know why its now denied :(
  4. Video works on the link,

    Wooooooooo yeah!
  5. cheers mate. got a slot with mot man for friday. not sure i will make it, but damn, i'm going to try.

    had to drop the oil AGAIN as i needed to get an oil hose shortened due to the close proximity to drive shaft. will refit this evening and hopefully get the oil back in. also need to change 2 CV boots as they are borderline passes.

    i also have to run the engine up to temperature to ensure it will idle after the choke turns off.

    time will tell!
  6. wooooohoooooooooooo ;D
  7. well its not quite as ready as i had thought/hoped.

    i drove it out of the barn under the power of the porsche engine and had a massive grin on my face. however, it didnt last long! the engine cut out while doing a three point turn and couldnt get it started again. was worried that i had somehow blown the ignition unit. however it turned out i just blew a fuse.

    originally i had a problem starting the engine cos i was using one of the connections on the coil as my ignition live, but turns out the coil, isnt a coil! therefore i had rewired my reverse light and fuel pump relay to the vw fuse box (fuse12 - far right). i had increased this fuse to 16A and it was this one that blew!! turns out that it wasnt that suprising why. the fuel pump has 25A fuse, the reverse is 7.5A fuse and the brake light fuse....all going through the ignition live fuse in the fuse box :s

    therefore, i decided - not before a discussion with loxy - that the way forward was to use the ignition live vw fuse to simply trigger a relay in the engine bay. I used a permanent live from the battery to the relay and when it sees a ignition live on the relay it latches the relay providing me with a completely seperate ignition live source. from this relay i am operating my reverse lights, fuel pump and my aux oil cooler fan.

    here is a little video of the bus before reversing, fuel pumping and braking caused the above issue:


    i do have some warming up issues with keeping the engine running, but will try and sort these out in the week.
  8. [​IMG]

    BOOM!!! MOT'd
  9. well done mate. This is a very well done bus
  11. Should be in the adult section ;)
  12. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    yea baby 8)
  13. thanks guys.

    while i wait for the a new porsche air boot from Germany, I thought i would crack on with some of the leisure faciltiies. ever since findoing out that a gas bottle and battery should not be installed in the same cupboard i i have been struggling to find a spot for my propex, leisure battery, gas bottle, and ZIG+RCD unit. The biggest difficulty was that i didnt want any of it on display. I wanted it to look as if i didnt have any of the usual functionality - a bit like Faux's (Jon's) zig install. after much deliberation i thought i had found a solution so i started to cut hole :?

    anyway. i thought i had found the spot for my ZIG. accessible without having to remove the dormobile table from its stowed position and not visible

    this was just big enough for my RCD and ZIG...so with a bit of fabrication a bracket appeared:


    the propex was a little trickier due to ofset location of the combustion air IN and OUT pipes. i wanted to fit it tight to the wheel arch, but this meant that the pipes would go straigh through the top hat under the floor. therefore a couple of brackets were made to lift the heater off the floor like so:

    after a couple of nervous holes in the floor:

    i have plumbed the heater into one of the two rear kick panel inlets. i am going to bung up the other along with the Y pipe enabling me to have propex heating up front and blowing rearward in the walkthrough

    i could have orientated the propex 90degrees but that would have left me with ALOT of wasted space in the cupboard and i was hoping to get my leisure battery in the same cupboard. and hey presto:

    as you can see if the propex was the same orientation as the battery they both wont fit and i wouldnt have anywhere to fit a battery.

    so, as for the hookup. i've bought a caravan wall mounted hookup and tucked it up under the bus. this has been mounted straight onto the main chassis rail under the sliding door. i have also bought a quick release BBQ fitting. this means that i will be able to cook outside without having to remove the gas bottle everytime. i got the idea from someone on thelatebay site, but cant remember who so no acknowledgements sorry :)

    at the moment all of this is just fitted and not connected. i have started routing wires like the fridge, the interior lights and propex, but nothing connected though
  14. You need to wash the underside of your bus mate, it's got some dirt on it :)
  15. i know, i wasnt happy when i lay under there last night lol
  16. Looking good. Very neat fitment of the ZIG, propex and hookup sockets. 8)
  17. Cheers.

    hoping for a bit of progress in the next couple of days.

    the gas man is coming this evening to connect up my gas pipes. i'm going to have the gas bottle connected to a bulkhead fitting with 3 independent taps. one for the main cooker, one for the propex and one for the BBQ fitting (which will be used for outside cooking using my second cooker :). i will post pictures after its been sorted.

    On Tuesday its going up to Bromsgrove Autotrim who will be finishing my rear bed for me in the same style as the porsche front seats. cant wait to see them work some more of their magic on my bus.

    after they finish its going straight to a guy around the corner from where i live who runs an independent Porsche garage - services all porsche models. he's going to get the engine up and running for me. it'll cost, but with a trip to the south of france from 15th June I dont have the time to fanny about
  18. ok, a fe more things crossed off the list. the gas man came last night to fit the pipework for my propex, cooker and BBW point. did a real neat job.

    the cooker is working...which is always a good thing :)

    also, my mate did a fab job of rebuilding all my locks onto one key so now i can lock my bus up for the first time in 4 1/2 yrs :) just in time for it to be sent to upholsters and garage for a tune over the next 2 wks.

    the bus is booked into bromsgrove on the 8th-11th for a fleeting visit to have the bed upholstered. then its booked into an independent porsche garage in cardiff (14th) just around the corner from where I live to have the engine serviced and tuned. I did want to do this myself, but with a holiday on the 15june in the bus in the near future, I wanted the bus to be sorted so I should have a month to get a few miles under the belt and hopefully flatten out any problems.

  19. so, after a fleeting visit to Bromsgrove Autotrim I now have a fully upholstered interior with my NEW bed!!!!!





    cant say enough good things about BAT to be honest. the best service I have had in the 4 1/2 yrs i've been working on this. AMAZING company! Thank you Ange and Pete


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