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  1. @Paul Weeding the starter eventually turned up , I didn't realise they made them to order .... please tell me I'm right that it doesn't use the gearbox bush but relies on its own bearings ?

    Still won't start .... not had much time on it but I think it's not seeing a rpm signal as I put the 12v on the FP relay which correctly cuts out after 3-5 secs . So I need to move that ...

    Starter is a nice piece of kit
  2. Use the toothlogger in TunerStudio? That'll tell you if you have a crank signal? :)
  3. Aye, it's self supporting like an auto starter!! :thumbsup:

    Have you cranked it with a strobe on to check that you're timed up ok? Possibly worth advancing the timing to 15°BTDC for initial start... sometimes fresh built engines take a bit to get them going... Had a fresh built motor on carbs take a good 30-40 minutes to start today... Ended up having to put 2 batteries on it, plus the charge n start to get it going :eek:

    As above, you can check for signal in the tuner studio :thumbsup: plus you can run the COPs to make sure they're firing too... Just don't do what I did, and don't forget yourself, and run the coils on a recently cranked engine... loud bangs and 3ft flames out of the exhaust :eek: :lol:
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  4. So she runs ......whoop whoop

    I think it's very rich as plugs were sooty and so was exhaust ... but it runs ...

    It also doesn't idle

    A few things to sort out .. not 100% happy with pulley alignment so will sort that I also need help with the throttle body vac ports ... I have blanked the idle valve ones off but I have 5 others per body and not sure what's what ...



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  5. What're the ITBs off again?
    I'll do some research on them
  6. VFR 800 Honda ......

    I need a feed Vac for the MAP sensor ???
  7. Aye, from below the butterflies
  8. they are all below the butterfly ..... I`m thinking block the end one and the lower ones and use the top two on each TB to a 4 in to 1 then to the MAP ?
  9. Aye, all 4 will need to be linked before going to the map :thumbsup:
  10. Still no idea what you are talking about, but YAAAAY it starts!!!

    Welll done. :)
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  11. :lol:
  12. Yeah if it helps I took the MAP vacuum from the one off my central air plenum...

    I'm using the stock vw airbox, runners and single throttle body so originally this vac line went to the fuel pressure regulator so i put a T piece in the line.

    I did this because i'd read that the one on the stock throttle body wouldn't be a true reading because it was originally designed to do the mechanical advance on the dissy and the take off is positioned right on the threshold of the butterfly, it was positioned like this so that there was an anticipated vacuum "drop" as the butterfly opened.... apparently.

    As paul says as long as you are downstream of the throttle bodies and join all up to average it out you should be ok???

    nice one! :)

  13. I wouldn`t mind read your build thread if you have one ???

    At the minute I`m adjusting a few things that I`m not 100% with but I do need to understand the megasquirt side more ....its really rich .... not sure where the lamba settings are , or fuel pressure or stuff like that ..I wanted to get the MAP and fuel reg sorted before I run it more ....(and smoke my garage out )

    does the fact that I have a pressurised system (supercharger ) mean I will still get a vacuum or not ......if I blow down the plenum I can feel air coming out all the ITB ports ??
  14. Hi,

    Sadly i haven't done a build thread yet, as i got to the stage where i was just starting to tune it and i found my bloody gearbox was faulty, no 4th gear so i couldn't do any proper road tuning,
    I got the box back last week so I'm planning on jumping back in when the weather turns... (maybe march)

    What I can recommend though is reading that guide i posted earlier, I literally followed it step by step and i was up and running pretty quickly (although initially i had my trigger wheel on back to front!)

    You'll have to forgive me as i haven't played with it for 6 months and even then i was learning but the fuel "pulsewidth" is controlled by a number of things but the main one is the "required fuel" setting, you can use the calculator in TunerStudio to work this out from the flow rate of your injector, in reality i calculated mine but then kept tweaking the base value up and down until i could see that the AFR wasn't running too rich.

    Just to state I am by no means a mechanic I'm a diy'er "having a go"

    But I did/recommend the following.....

    - Get your lambda connected and calibrated (you have to calibrate it, this comes with the instructions for the LC2)

    - Get all of your sensors and lambda set up in the tunerstudio project settings

    - Check your timing with a timing gun

    - Run some tootlogger tests in tunerstudio, I did this without the plugs in or injectors connected but it allows you to see if you have a clean crank signal from the toothed wheel, its in the guide.

    - For now dsiable the timing table in tunerstudio and set it to static, cant remember where these engines like to tick over 20 degrees?? It recommends the static timing in the guide, once you get a feel for how its running you
    can start playing with the table to get advance or retardation based on MAP load/throttle etc.

    - Have a look at this global fuel setting and tweak it a bit, the global fuel setting is the base variable that the ecu uses to control the pulsewidth,
    the longer the pulse the longer the injectors are open and the richer it is, all the other fuel settings/tables and the lambda basically tweak the pulsewidth in realtime to suit the engine load/timing etc. but if the
    base setting is way too high it will run rich as hell.

    - Read that guide, and follow it step by step, it might seem tedious but i had no choice really as i'm not a mechanic, but I'm glad I had no prior knowledge or preconceptions because it forced me to step through until i understood the basics...

    sorry i cant be more specific and i hope i'm not sounding preachy, really I just bumbled along until it was running and read shedloads of forums and stuff,
    hopefully when i'm up and running we can compare timing/fuel tables but I was still trying to get my head around all that when i had the gearbox fail...

    And as far as the supercharger goes... god knows! sorry! A proper mechanic like Paul or someone else could probably lend some experience here??

    Here's a video of my engine running last summer, this wasn't too far into the proceeedings, i.e a couple of days after the first successful running...

    hope this helps??? :)
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  15. Needed to sort a few things before going any further .pulley was a couple of mm out of alignment and I was getting flex so reinforced pulley support , made a new lower pulley piece -2mm and made a pulley flange for the supercharger pulley ...




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  16. First firing

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  17. Awesome work mate that thing is gonna be a beast!

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  18. Very cool. :cool: One step closer to a sweet runing motor...

    but please say no to VVS:
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  19. Running a touch rich by the looks of the smoke, and sounded a bit boggy too

    But one step closer :thumbsup:
  20. That was first start up .....still addressing some mech niggles and need to sort MAP but yes very rich
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