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  1. @lhu1281 Hey, I just spent ages reading your other thread about all the other stuff you've done to your bus, the porsche wheel/brake adaption etc. etc. plus this supercharger project. I salute you sir, your engineering skill/imagination and dedication is an inspiration! :D
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  2. So big update .....


    Well just the MAP 4-1 still need to do the fuel vacuum feed ...

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  3. Pull your finger out :lol:
  4. Some of us have a full time job ...........working for somebody else
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  5. Been busy with work but done a few small bits ...[​IMG]



    And bought a water pump for charge cooler

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  6. Looks good. Still no real idea what any of the stuff is though. :oops:
  7. Top pic is showing pulley removable side cheek

    Second pic shows where I tapped the chargecooler water in/out and turned them 90deg so to miss the thermostat operating arm

    Third pic shows the 4 manifold vac take offs going to a single out to the MAP sensor . The bottom res goes to the fuel pressure regulator

    Forth pic is a eBay bargain new charge cooler water pump
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  8. So does that map sensor now have an input from all 4 inlet manifold runners with a single outlet?

    How much of a bargain was that water pump?
    I've been looking into fitting a 1.8t passat engine to my t25 as the wasserboxer is using more coolant and oil than fuel and everyone has said the original donors air to air intercooler won't work as it's impossible to get it into the airstream so I'd need to fit a chargecooler instead.
  9. Yes all 4 manifolds to MAP

    Water pump was £65 new eBay usually around £150 poorly listed , it's a merc one
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  10. I found new charge coolers expensive ,you can get the tube style cheaper Used jag one was £30 but had to mod it .
    I'm currently looking at rads which is another midfield as I've no idea on size
  11. Subaru makes a nice chargecooler if you can find one in the scrappy.
    Their intercooler radiator is about the same size so maybe 14x10":

    I suppose you can't go too big on the radiator. Biggest you can fit in the available space.
    Theres a fair bit of info on the brickwerks and club 80-90 forums as they are used in their tdi conversions.
  12. Oil pressure Gauge either temp or permanent [​IMG]

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  13. @Paul Weeding

    Thanks it's running a million times better but still playing ..gauge measured 60psi @ 2000rpm and trying to understand what everything does on ms ...
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