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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by lhu1281, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. ^what he said! I read
    Blah be blah be blah

    But is fun to watch cheers for sharing

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  2. Got it running yet ? :)
  3. I have put oil in and cranked for oil pressure .. going to pressurise fuel lines and maybe over Christmas try to start it
  4. Ah,,that close. Good luck.
  5. Is it going yet?
  6. No ... away now till new year
  7. Tis the new year... Crack on, we're getting bored of waiting ;)
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  8. She wouldn't start .......
  9. [​IMG]

    Spot the problem

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  10. You can ignore the afr until the engine is running (what lambda sensor are you running? As there's 2 places within the ms software that you need to tell it what it is)

    And the tps needs to be at zero...

    Plus as I found, the starter wasn't meeting the minium cranking speed as it was a new engine... had to drop in a high torque unit
  11. The tps being the Honda one ran an idle valve so the butterfly's were shut , I've binned all that and set the butterfly's with a 3 tho gap hence not reading zero ... I take it you can just zero that ? Lamda sensor is in the other exhaust on the bus so that needs to be added (Bosch wideband) I May also have to change starter as it runs really fast without plugs but struggles with then in .... I was finding the ecu was cutting out the fuel pump relay after 5 seconds ... I'll weld a bung in old exhaust today for lamda
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  12. Sounds like the starter could well be the issue... you need a minimum cranking speed of 600 rpm
  13. @lhu1281 Out of interest what firmware are you running? Standard or the MSEXTRA?

    You obviously know your apples (well more than me anyway i learn as i go) but I'd highly recommend printing this out and having it in the workshop, I found it very helpful for stepping through the initial config and setup

    @Paul Weeding is right about the cranking speed (ha ha haa), it is a setting that can be tweaked but i was lucky enough to have bought a new starter anyway and the block wasn't too tight so i didn't have issues...

    EDIT: I just read your screenshot and can see you're on msextra, nice one :)
  14. Plus you'll be spinning up the SC as well, so that'll be robbing torque from the starter too :eek:

    Beetle starter for pre 76 box, or transporter for post 76 :thumbsup:
  15. Angle of the solinoid is slightly different, but it fits
    Only thing that you might need to do is extend the battery cable by a few inches
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  16. Starter ordered ... budget now blown ...

    Welded bung in to old exhaust for lamda ....
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  17. Its still an amazing thread and build, the extra investment will be worth it :)
  18. Got it! Coolant temp :p
  19. Actually that's either the cylinder head temp or the inlet air temp .. no lamda and wrong throttle position I think was answer

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