Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. Why, were you there when they were formed???? :)
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  2. :rolleyes: feels like it sometimes.
    Did a LOT of skiing as a nipper
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    The floods in town and the flood barriers in action

    Believe it or not the river is 4 foot up those barriers riverside
    Edit ( it’s actually above those people’s heads so higher than 4ft

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  4. Where’s that, Malc?
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  6. it would make more sense in dredging them.
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    That part of the Severn north of Bewdley has never been dredged ever.

    Bewdley was the furthest town north that boats navigated from the sea. After Bewdley the local sailors took cargoes upstream to Shrewsbury etc in a special boat called a Severn trow, or more specifically a upstream trow
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  8. Those barriers don't look that robust for the sheer weight of water behind them :eek:
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  9. Well it should be! environment agency should get things done instead of having a meeting about a meeting.
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  10. I don't think the EA are terribly good at their job...
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    They’re very clever. The engineer that oversaw the project initially; studied with me for a while and we chatted whilst they installed them a few years back.
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    No, that would be an ecological disaster in that section of the upper reaches, but you are right they should be dredging downstream of Stourport-on-Severn to increase the flow definitely.
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  13. @snotty its a hard job because if you build a defence other places will get flooded but if you dig the rivers out it affects nature
    its horrible situation to be in for anyone :(
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  14. We need more reservoirs building not more houses being build on floodplain's
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  15. Cardiff Bay after the storms [​IMG]

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  16. My friends family have two property in a flood risk area the river can rise from 1m - 5m in a hour they had a defence built and it worked but the had to move everything up stairs twice this last two weeks as they thought it was going to flood.
    You can make a house flood resistant only so far all the outlets have to have non return valves but it makes you realise how horrible it can be.
  17. I know somebody from the EA .. their job has been in the past to find bits of flood plain they can flood without loads of new build housing on it TO SLOW THE RIVER DOWN when it floods.
    If you dredge it is just goes faster, causes wild erosion and will just end up totally washing away stuff when it finally reaches the bit where the river is blocked by all the new houses built across its path.

    Those nice EA barriers work in that location but just push the floods downstream faster making it harder to cope with the water rising downstream.

    The floods are held back naturally by a wide river overgrown with trees on the floodplain (and beavers )
    Modern farms with nice big cow fields on the floodplain dont help either..

    The Thames used to be about 2 miles wide by Westminster, for example.

    So instead of hundreds of houses damaged they yellow snow a few rich folk who failed to realise why their 200 year old house came with stone floors and no plaster downstairs .

    Maybe in the end it will solve itself.. every house built on a floodplain will get flooded in the end. Insurers will charge high premiums and the houses will end up as cheap places to live as they have no investment value until they get wrecked.
    And builders might stop building in stupid places if people get wise. Like my favourite, Fishlake Meadows in Romsey .. at least that has a massive levee type embankment..
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  18. 20200215_162739.jpg
    Not the last picture but this was TLB at Dubfreeze.
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  19. Just a bit downstream was this in Worcester [​IMG]

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    Worcester always gets it like that when the river comes up. The cathedral top left is safe, but the racecourse and castle st always get flooded, bottom left before the railway bridge. The county cricket ground top right of centre always flooded.

    That’s a great picture btw, and you can just see the Start of the Malvern’s or British camp very top right.

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