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  1. Had an interesting conversation recently with an old guy who'd retired from the environmental agency.
    He agreed that dredging stretches of certain rivers was stopped years ago - why ??
    Apparently an EU decree outlawed ALL dredging with the goal of letting nature do her stuff ...
    Obviously the government jumped on the bandwagon - saved them millions !!
    So now we're out of Europe maybe they'll have a rethink ??

    Probably not...

    Just thought I'd mention it .

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  2. The 'beach' at Maryport is a little ripped up now.
    2020-02-21 09.04.42.jpg
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  3. jivedubbin

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    did the Grammer school get flooded
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  4. Poptop2

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    Kings is way off the flood mark mate.
  5. Poptop2

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    I think that was a little leg pulling by the ex EA guy.I know for a fact there was no ban on river dredging. The EU did decide not to dredge some rivers for the protection of wildlife in certain places, but they never banned it, and they certainly don’t have the right to ban dredging in any country, but it did try to regulate dredging and the disposal of dredged material which is only reasonable given the environmental damage the spurious dumping of millions of tons of sludge and gravel can cause.
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  6. He was very convincing and the EU masterplan would explain a distinct lack of dredging over the
    years .
    I did enquire about the disposal of river sludge but he pointed out the coal slag heaps were acceptable so why not sludge - good point :thinking:

    (it was at a wedding so we were both `in drink` your honor...)

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  7. Throw some gold nuggets in the river it will soon get dredged;)
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  8. I feel cheated. No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. :(
    2020-02-22 09.35.14.jpg
  9. C5655575-B501-437E-B35B-B71BD954E410.jpeg
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  10. Mods....
    Can't we have a hate button ????

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  11. Not normally a fan of fords but![​IMG]

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  12. IMG_20200222_122624.jpg Guess where?
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  13. Do you recon them guy's in front are saying is that the real Bazza Haynes behind us?:lol:
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  14. Barry's down the other end, lighting farts :rolleyes:
  15. But the only songs you can play on them are by ABBA![​IMG]

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    Just had me a convoy down the M1 with my new best friend. Tho I nearly drove in to a VW whilst waving good bye when I left at M69 junction :)

    92DD98A6-C502-4227-8590-F8648B48D7FE.jpeg C426581A-DBA5-4E97-9E4E-256DA6310271.jpeg
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  17. Do you normally wave manically at strangers? He probably stopped to call the police...
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  18. Merlin Cat

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    sometimes :) he even wound his window down and put his arm out to wave au revoir to me!!
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    You already have one , it might be marked " power "
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