Show us the last picture you took on your phone. (VW related or not!)

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  1. FA3B32F1-191F-4DDA-B22E-6823A81E9239.jpeg 58352CB8-51F6-4EC5-A14B-8B5E44D15889.jpeg Too wet for gardening, today, so started on me fitted wardrobes.
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  2. Too snowy for boarding. Drinking age is 16 over here. Result!
    5A3FA9BC-47C3-4AAB-AA8E-29E1F98F4E04.jpeg E658FA22-7EBD-49AA-A1B1-C83398BBAD39.jpeg
  3. Stands for round objects [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I hate being so god dam good

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  4. DSC_1567.JPG
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  5. FB_IMG_1582130357628.jpg FB_IMG_1582130351933.jpg IMG_20200219_102849.jpg
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  7. This bloke was being silly. The offside rear wheel is smashed. The hub is still on the wheel. The wheel bearing came apart on hitting the kerb. The brake disc is know in half to
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  8. While you lot have been moaning about the weather I've been spending the last week and 1/2 working up here.
  9. You do know that was supposed to go on the house next door :rolleyes:?
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  10. At least you’ve had the luxury of a crash deck in these high winds!
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  11. Ouch!
    Don’t worry Wilf
    I have the golden visa ;)
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  12. Irish passport? (got mine)

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  13. why should I worry ... couldn't give a Marmite
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  14. 0746A485-605C-4292-B722-8677FC60FEED.jpeg 2FC94010-F313-487A-BBF2-C09B8C21EB47.jpeg STILL to wet for gardening, so cracked on with the fitted wardrobes.
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  15. Old buildings in York, they'll never know :)
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  16. Wait till it's dark, then just run a panel saw round it and crane it over :thumbsup:
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  17. Answered your question though

    Keep the home fires burning eh fff:)
  18. 0F97D24C-431F-4B56-9FA7-37C3F7150284.jpeg
  19. This is what happens when you give up your workshop for a holiday let :rolleyes:
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