Restoration or should that be reconstruction challenge

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  1. Looks like the cat needs replacing.......

    .... brilliant job so far
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  2. Nice work
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  3. Question,,, I managed to get a GKN Lobro replacement CV joint for the van, it's part number 7 153 12 01 98 008, exactly the same as all 4 currently fitted. However this one is really stiff, to the point I need a bar to move it, now I know if they are 120° out they will be like this, though please see below, on the left is the new joint, on the right is an old joint (shiny balls), the right is easy to move the left is stiff to the point of locked up solid. They to me look to be assembled the same, is there a wear in time or should they be easy to move from new?

  4. I’ve just had to buy 4 new ones (Lobro too) I’ve not tried really moving them but they seemed pretty tight too.

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  5. Shouldn’t be tight should be able to move them fairly easy by hand ....i’d also bin the new rubber they won’t last a year
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  6. Something is wrong then I can just about get a small amount of movement if I really push one side with my thumbs to the point of painful. It's even hard work with the outer fixed and a bar in the centre to get movement. I wondered if I needed to excersize it a bit first before fitting.
  7. Something wrong there .. you can put them together wrong and it will cause similar. Was it new or SH ?
  8. New sealed box.
  9. Take it back
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  10. There is a difference in the two on the picture. The machining on the end of the ring that the ball bearings sit inside is different. I seem to remember there's a thread about this which has an old drawing of an exploded view showing the right and wrong way for installation .....i will look for the thread
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  11. 1371437.jpg I've found the image on the net but not the thread
    I now remember why I remember the picture. It's to ensure you got the grove on the cv joint fitted
    innermost near the rubber boot .
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