Protests against themselves

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  1. Them lot up in London squawking about the environment
    With the man made nylon tents!
    Not one has ever had anything
    Delivered by a ship aeroplane or Truck
    Fascinating :)
  2. Did they contact each other on Farcebook?
  3. But nylon has much less environmental impact than cotton.

    Aral Sea... say no more.
  4. Moons

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    I'm not defending them, but I don't think they are stating that they aren't part of the problem....they are asking politicians to legislate and govern with this far further up the agenda.

    Their choice of how they go about it is poor, but thanks to various governments legal, peaceful protest is neigh on impossible.

    Corporate sponsored press will always spin it....the biggest enemy of capitalism is environmental restrictions.

    I'm finding it funny that the likes of Trump etc believe technology will save mankind.....a half decent AI engine will do a root cause analysis and eradicate the
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  5. Don’t expect any common sense from the little well-scrubbed middle class darlings.
  6. It will all stop
    When the oil runs out not before
  7. Global warming/climate change. At the end of the day, it’s evolution. It will happen no matter what, as it has done for millions of years. I’m sure the time will come when man no longer walks the earth. What’s left of it.
  8. On a similar note
    Last Saturday there was a cycle event in the New Forest
    There were cyclists on the road from Lymington across to very near Hythe
    Spread out for 13 miles
    I’m sure they taking part had a wonderful time but
    Not so for people having to get from A-B
    Let alone the delivery and Truck drivers
    Trying to do their work
    Because we now want everything 7 days a week :thinking:
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  9. Their motives are sound, but they've failed at the first hurdle as they'd pledged civil disobedience but have engaged in violent disorder.

    Always the risk when extreme fringe elements attach themselves.
  10. Very well put. Climate change, asteroid strikes, mass extinctions are all part of the earth's story. One day humans will not be here anymore and of course the sun will run out of hydrogen and die.

    Good on the climate change protesters, but we alone cannot do much to slow down the CO2 and Methane emissions, its a world problem and one which looks impossible to achieve when countries like China, India and the USA continue to pollute on a mass scale.

    Us humans pollute the land, seas and air and we get what we deserve.
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  11. Slowing down climate change is easy

    Stop having kids
    Stop buying stuff
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  12. Good article in the Times today by (as ever) Matt Ridley.

    "A temper tantrum by mostly middle-class protesters to bring London to a halt will do nothing to help the climate and a lot to ruin ordinary people’s lives. They want net zero carbon dioxide emissions from the UK economy by 2025 to avoid “extinction”.

    I am not sure they have thought this through. That target would mean scrapping more than 60 million gas boilers and car engines. Because there is not time to build a fleet of nuclear plants by then, replacing all that combustion with emission-free electricity would require carpeting the entire country and most of another country somewhere with wind turbines (made using 150 tonnes of coal each) or solar panels (made with mined metals) to the detriment of birds, forests and landscapes.

    They protest that Britain is doing nothing about climate change. Not true. No country has enacted a more draconian set of emissions targets, but try protesting in Russia or China — it would not be such a walk in the park.

    So far, analysis has shown, our policies have resulted in higher energy costs, borne disproportionately by the poor, and no greater emissions reduction than if we had gone for gas instead.

    If it is extinction the protesters are worried about, they are aiming at the wrong target. Most species extinctions are the result of invasive alien species and habitat loss, itself encouraged by misguided climate policies to turn forests into fuel.

    If it is human life they are concerned about, they should know that deaths from storms, droughts and floods have fallen by 98 per cent in a century, but about three million people a year die from the effect of indoor smoke caused by cooking over wood fires (harvested from wild forests) because of lack of access to gas or electricity.

    Far from prosperity being the problem, it is the answer. It weans people off habitat-destroying dependence on burning wood, and it leads to reforestation, the creation of nature reserves and the return of wildlife. Why are wolves increasing, lions decreasing and tigers now holding their own? Because wolves live in rich countries, lions in poor countries and tigers in middle-income countries.

    The protesters have been duped into old fashioned anti-capitalism. The campaigner George Monbiot gave the game away this week when he said the point of these protests was “to go straight to the heart of capitalism to overthrow it”.

    As for weaning civilisation off emissions, we will crack this problem with research, not exhibitionism."
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  13. Trump says wind farms are not the way to go. The wind doesn’t always blow :confused:
  14. Don't forget the smart meter myth, marketed as a useful tool to help consumers save energy, but at their (ultimate) cost.

    What it actually does is send back live usage data so the energy companies can trim their trend analysis to optimise their energy purchasing strategies....for their own benefit......
  15. I’ve also heard that they can transmit photos of you in the shower :eek:
  16. It’s all too little, too late...
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  17. I don't care, I wear a tin foil burkini when showering.
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  18. Depends how ethical you want to be.

    Stop world aid programmes
    Stop medical advancement

    Soylent Green anyone?
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  19. Wow. Doing anything at the weekend? Asking for a friend.
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