Protests against themselves

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by monkeyvanwestybike, Apr 16, 2019.

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  2. Acid Rain .
  3. Also give them the well deserved wash most of them look like they need!
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  4. I think over population is the biggest killer of the planet ...but we don't really want to talk about that to much as to How family size , sterilisation programs with a pay out . Good old war ( World ) a must .
    Then we have the possibility of killer disease outbreaks if antibiotics fail and others which i don't know about .

    Easter Island is a good example on a small scale .
    We have a huge capacity to blame everything for this problem except for we personally over populating are the real killers of the planet .

    Even if we rid fossil fuel burning the long term we will still be faced with the problem .
    Stopping eating meat and go veggie or vegan ....huge areas of land needed ...and if the crops fail Well we can all eat each other ...end of problem .

    But yes these guys are right but if we don't do this universally it may well be to long ...and no one want's to loose out financially as a nation when others don't bother .
    Like two gardens together where one family grows the own veg, uses push lawn mowers, doesn't use chemicals, and the other next door family (China ) burns 15 tyres every day .
    It's going to take some getting together but there is no point in not trying .
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  5. What really boils my wee is the fact some have quite obviously not done a days work in their lives, they are stopping people trying to earn a living.

    If they are arrested there names should be passed to the social, if they are on the dole their money should be stopped, they are not actively seeking work they are lounging around in the road, Run em over !
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    But use an electric car to soften the blow :thumbsup:
  7. Oh go on then
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  8. What with all those heavy batteries Bern and they might get electrocuted .
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  9. ‘I see they’re not too socialist to wear shoes!’
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  10. They say they are going to close down Heathrow over Easter. That'll make 'em popular!
  11. Its more interesting than Brexit.
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  12. See the courts have started remanding them in custody to stop them going back out protesting.

    Game changer........
  13. Both can turn to violence .
  14. I think when a few of the precious little lovelies get a smack in the mouth from irate travellers, they might think twice.

    I’d get the Chinese or Russian police in to deal with them. Do the Met have some reciprocal agreement?
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    not quite lol
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  16. :thumbsup:
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  18. Come on, that's just wrong. Beat them with rubber truncheons...then run them over.
  19. This is what climate change protesters left in Hyde Park after their bank holiday jaunt! Have they a clue what they're protesting about?
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  20. It also took me a while to find the right charts for Oxford Street and to work out the time of high water :thumbsup:
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