Protests against themselves

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  1. I know its impossible for us in the UK to stop CO2 emissions, but just suppose we did, would it make a difference to the Earth's atmosphere? No, because the giant polluters would carry on and increase their emissions. CO2 levels would continue to rise and increase global warming. We care, they don't. That's the problem.
  2. Well, they could go and protest in China, but they’d be beaten senseless and Never Seen Again. Much safer to do it in London.
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  3. Well we are lucky there’s not an ice age coming soon , no one yes no one likes being cold :D
    Nature will sort us out . All this what about our grandchildren , you’ll be in a nursing home or pushed off a cliff in ya wheel chair before they care :D . As said we can’t control what China do because we need there cheapness ,till they take over like my great grandad used to say ;)
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  4. They should be cross legged for hours on end making there own tents out of cotton bought in from America on freaky group buy and learn how to use a spinning wheel . I think not
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  5. Everyone of them interviewed on TV look and sound like close relatives of Jacob Rees Mogg.

    Eventually they will get bored of juggling bean bags on a unicycle, dressed like Marcel Marceau and they'll head back to the family pile in the home counties where cook will be on hand to make them a nice kitchen supper of game pie with jam roly-poly for pudding.....
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  6. I recon its a good idea for a cheap overnight stay in London! Look hardly anyone's about? must be in Queen Vic :cool:
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  7. 017DC27F-A361-4C78-95BB-49B19DEE397B.jpeg
    I wondered why we hadn’t seen Wilf for a few days
    That pink paint is going to take some getting off:)
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  8. You wanna be here in September. Got the UCI world championships for 10 days. Joy.
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  9. Maybe the Tories put them up to it as a diversion from their Brexit fiasco.
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  10. Ah NOW I get your reservations about 240v switches etc ;)
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  11. Could be. I don’t think it was Jeremy, as he had to attend a meeting of the Solidarity With Cuba campaign.
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  12. Unfortunately we are helpless really and should just get on doing our best at recycling etc.
    DON'T USE PLASTIC..just make the effort and use "Eco-friendly" packaging.
    We are our own worst enemies....and will not live to tell the tale.
    :beer: Sad but when I'm gone how can I be bothered..Not sure if the Dinosaurs would've been either...
    I do my bit but feel it's like farting against thunder..
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  13. First time in the office today this week.

    7CAB93C3-8AB9-42AE-B888-137080C84B1B.jpeg EAA8D101-3464-49F8-BB29-FB21FDA3C8AF.jpeg 16B6FDB2-E39A-4536-B9C3-1F44E7204382.jpeg FE6079D8-3728-4381-B3B9-9B43C660C579.jpeg 702895FD-5F3D-4EB5-8F3C-D57C1FF04D29.jpeg
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  14. I thought that about Notre Dame.
    Was expecting a million memes with May smoking a fag next to the burning spire!
  15. Ay u do as we say n pay ,just pay
  16. weirdos:D
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  17. I used to work in that corner building in the background - the noisiest it ever got was when the Hare Krishna's came past in the afternoon, chanting and ringing their bells. They never came by boat, they had a minibus.
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  18. PIE


    I think disrupting public transport is shooting themselves in the foot, as these are the people encouraging public transport !!!!
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  19. Roly Poly ...i don't think they will heard of that ! . They might of heard of Spotted Dick .:rolleyes: and probably Buggers for there custard .
  20. seemed to be a lot of daft students..
    out for a few days in the sun..:rolleyes:
    A bit of rain will lower the numbers..:D
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