Protests against themselves

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  1. If you use a smart meter you actually pay for the burning of fossil fuel to power the smart meter. Also the meter man gets obese living on cheap sugary fuel as he burns the internal doors of his maisonette to keep warm.
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    Hey! My friend Rachel was there and she definitely works and washes
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  3. Presumably that's a photo of the aftermath of '420' on Saturday (International Cannabis Day) where there was live music n stuff going on? Not actually the climate change protest per se?
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  4. You are absolutely correct! I pointed out the error on farcebook but forgot to correct it here - too much sun and cider!

    My apologies!
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  5. Sun and cider.... sounds perfect :)
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    Do you know that for a fact....the Chinese, Africans, Indians etc, they stare the same cataclysm in the face as we do but don't care?

    Or is it, their leaders, same as ours are chasing the same relentless capitalist idyl.

    The poor will suffer first, but the rich will nonetheless suffer.

    Publicity is the only way to get the masses to 'persuade' the rulers that we are ballsing this up big time.
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    apparently we are at 1.7% naughtiness while combined , russia ,china ,usa and india are at over 50% - so why didn,t emma thompson stay in the states and protest there indeed where are all the protests in those countries - infact one of the biggest problems is deforestation so where are the protests in brazil and indonesia?
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  8. Like terrorism that seems to the same way ...does one dare to say it works :eek:
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    How do you know there isn't?

    I'm not a 'green' per se, and like most am p1ssed off with being lectured to by people mostly with trust funds or jobs you can only make up they sound so far out.

    But....whilst we can personally do somethings (like being less wasteful for example), our politicians need to react and promote the same with their colleagues from other countries.
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    It's pretty extreme I agree....but in amongst all the newspapers concentrating on yoga in the street, there are serious people with an important message.

    'Our' generation are probably unaffected, but should one have kids or grand kids this stuff matters right now.
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    What like in russia where all anti goverment protest is suppressed or usa where a president who doesn,t believe in global warming is voted in and is encouraging the reopening of coalmines um!
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    So we agree that the people of Russia may well be unhappy about climate change, assuming they are told.

    Trump didn't get elected on that policy....and I'd nominate it's a leader not doing what their people want.

    As stated I don't agree with the methods, but this information really needs to be publicised and become high on the agenda as we are apparently at a tipping point.

    The assumption that science will fix this will become irrelevant soon.
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