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  1. You'll know what this is then.
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  2. Not intentionally- his braces got caught as he walked past!
  3. That’s where congi works in mankeychester
  4. My initial answer would be 'it's a mess', but I'm guessing you mean the yaw/pitch drive in the middle [of the mess]

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  5. Yup, you'll see I'm on the top of the roof in one of the photos

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  6. Don't joke about it! One of the guys I work with knows a guy who's overalls got caught in the hook on the end of the service hoist (used for hauling parts up) his cuff tore off and he fell about 20m. Apparently he was badly hurt and only survived because he landed in a peat big

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  7. I’m looking forward to the day when we can shut our food bank down (but i think that is sadly a long way off). Would be reluctant to stop our Foodcycle meal though, amazing what can be made from food that would otherwise be binned and it’s a great community atmosphere!

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  8. Ouch!!
  9. Sad and angry that they have become a necessity for so many. One of my closest friends works for Foodcycle, I picked up some leftovers from him last night on the way home and he told me he can't cope with all of the food that is donated to him from the supermarkets - there is SO MUCH waste/overstocking. I'm meant to be cooking at Foodcyle again on Sunday but have had to be selfish and cancel as I've got a list of 'to dos' that is sooooo long.
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  10. Meanwhile in south Manchester Andys glued his pencil to his ear and made some chopsticks [​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. Not the most suitable attire for this morning's jobs - dismantling computer desks to make way for an art exhibition.[​IMG]

  12. 4BB00E3D-E38D-4DF0-982E-E20BC84C49A3.jpeg
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    Is that YOUR chewing gum????

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  14. Parked on a very aptly named for today's funeral [​IMG]

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  16. So you're an educator who cycles for charity, does voluntary work and hangs out daily at funerals?
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  17. Not quite daily but there's been too many recently - Warren was born on the same day as me

  18. I really must get s proper job [​IMG]

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  19. I did hesitate before giving it the flippant, but the core joker broke free I'm afraid ... I find it helps as long as it doesn't mean "burying" stuff ........ or repeatedly being the one who gets asked to make a speech at funerals :confused:
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