Photo of your working environment

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  1. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

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  2. My work vehicle ..

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  3. 20190411_142506.jpg
    Got the apprentice on a pressure test
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  4. Tonight's NEW workplace 3 minutes and counting. [​IMG]

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  6. Platform 15? 17maybe??
  7. 77355BD1-8CD0-4548-932C-6132EA8FD2F9.jpeg Ah, the peace.
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  8. Nearly ... 18
  9. (insert photo here)

    Shame I can't due to ND agreement

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  10. Doh! I left from 17 this evening!
    Shoulda realised!

    Probably saw you
  11. No he’s been on Pinterest again

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  12. Someone nicked a deer from your office yesterday :eek:
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  13. We did have a great bbq last night... 7C26022C-FA68-4F8F-815F-4B1DBEEDA2F8.jpeg
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  14. Accounting while my colleague demands attention.

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  15. Deer meat is ve-nice-on mash, with a nice rat to keep it company :rolleyes:
  16. A little progress but "no cigar" ....
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  17. This'll be a holidaymaker's kitchen diner one day
  18. Another respite..
    IMAG2157 (1).resized.jpg
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