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  1. Inspired by @philntfc and @MorkC68 in "what are you doing right now".

    Take care if you work either at GCHQ or in Quatar or similar ...
  2. .
  3. image.jpg
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  4. Sorry .... is this a bit "retired-ist" .... Broadest interpretation allowed :thumbsup:
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    Loading grain and having a cuddle

    7F878065-5E77-4532-AA8D-4DCBC24896C0.jpeg 821C3A42-E840-448C-85C4-0345F42CA83D.jpeg
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  9. Free tiles are all very well but they can be a right royal pain in the 'arris IMG_20190409_150308408.jpg
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  10. Outside
  11. 20190403_100500.jpg Not every day but occasionally. Working on a computer the other side of the winch.
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    Two different farms this morning
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    Nah, he’s a bit too small for that yet! :)
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  16. It’s nice when the sun’s out![​IMG]

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  17. Taken from my office yesterday.

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