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  1. There's nothing quite like a boiler with its guts hanging out!
  2. Best thing to do with those crappy baxi combis is rip it’s guts out, swiftly followed by the rest of it.
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  3. Diots with leeks..testing an induction plate in the van.
    Bit of London Grammar in attendance..Not quite my work place but it's what I do.

    2017-09-24 18.12.22.jpg

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  4. Hard to get a photo of the Learning Resource Centre empty. [​IMG]

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  5. [​IMG] :)

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  6. Is the saucepan for boiling glue or making porridge although probably not a lot of difference.
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  7. I think its and old vintage hard hat.
  8. Used to heat soup up on the Stove taste better with the wood dust:lol:
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  9. Fitting up the irrigation lines to rows and rows of newly potted trees in our walled garden. It’s too wet up on the fields still to get on with the proper planting.
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  10. Is that a museum Pikey :D
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  11. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Bowling club, about to take the sinks out. Slightly regretting not looking properly at the job as got to take metal frame out that’s been in a million years!

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  12. You're back in 1973 aren't you..:D
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  13. Yes even the sinks have zimmers :D
  14. Checking out the late bay forum and shipping VW parts out to you all!

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  15. 1554980277263496415067.jpg Door glasses out for window tinting.. Then 5 fiesta rear windows to safety film for the m sport rally team
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  16. No it’s Judith the Mortiser!
    She’s maybe old but she’s brilliant and she can do chain mortising so double talented.

    It would look lovely in your lounge.

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  17. Drew Prichard’s would buy them off you. Or can you drop em off please;)

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  18. Glad I started this thread.
    .... :thumbsup:
    "Photo of your living room" next?
    (@crossy2112 can show us Judith ;))
  19. Also known as "the North" ;)
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