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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by paradox, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Bon voyage
    All tucked up in his new home
    It’s going to be like a permanent tech Enders with added livestock for company.
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  2. I love that it's got an electric fence around it. That should definitely be part of your camping setup!
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  3. Lovely view
    U could work on it and camp all at the same time bonus

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  4. hope this isn't the end of this thread iv been watching from Australia for years now,even tried to buy tractor enamel ,but no go
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  5. No not the end rob

    Today I’ve been scraping epoxy mastic and seam sealer that hadent adhered to the surface and was trapping water underneath.
    Once cleaned up I daubed zinc phosphate primer into the nooks and crannies.
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  6. Dash top and firewall prepped and painted
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  7. I love that you’re doing the dash in green as well. Are you ever going to stop, green steering wheel maybe

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  8. Just the steel dash top fella I swapped the original steel dash out for a padded one a while ago.
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  9. Looking good mate keep at it

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  11. Is that spray or roller Para?
  12. Satin spray Paul
  13. Looks good.
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  14. Someone wants to help with engine bay prep[​IMG]
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  15. Save him for cutting and polishing. Strap him to a DA and you've got an instant MOP.
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  16. And Sunday dinner for after
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  17. Slowly making progress with prepping the engine bay
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  18. You could skip the whole engine thing.. you’re already parked up in a field, just go sleep in it where is is :)
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  19. Roof rack prepped
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