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  1. Looking mean that! What goes in the centre of it or is it like an early westy?

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  2. Nowt in the centre fella
    It just has wooden slats that go across.

    I’ve no idea if it came like that or a previous owner has cut it out

    @Lasty is yours the same?
  3. Yep mate , mines the same but the internal sides (on mine) have been carved around a bit by someone possibly trying to stop water collecting .

    Also , mine has metal cross struts , not wooden - probably home made ??

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  4. I’ve drilled some drain holes in this one as water did pool in the corners.
    Some stainless steel cross struts would be nice but the wooden slats will do for now.

    Just out of interest how have you attached your rack to the van?
  5. Good move , i think it would become a swimming pool without drain holes !

    It`s attatched with 6mm rivnuts but only because i had some kicking around - rivets would be fine .

    As for the rubber edging between the rack and roof i used plain push on ribbed beading but have found it isn`t a tight enough fit meaning wind gets under the rack causing a `flap`when you get a lorry `bow wave`coming the other way so will be changing it to Westy type stuff with the side bead on to give the rack a bit more bite onto the roof .

    Just a suggestion ...

    Glad you`re sticking at it - others would just sit it on the farm and wait for it to disintegrate ....

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  6. If it’s any help, my westy rack was bolted to the roof with some 1 inch thick rubber washers to lift the roof rack away from rubbing the metal roof. All The rubber has perished so I’ll have to trace replacement ones.

    I also had wooden pieces on the luggage bed. They seemed like off cuts of wood to me. Think I want to replace the lot!

    I’ll have photos on my computer if it’s any use.

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  7. However you attatch the rack don`t forget to silicone around the holes to keep the water out - just sayin` like ...

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  8. This is the rubber trim that was on mine
    It’s in reasonable Condition and I’ve never noticed any problems with it so I’ll re use it.

    My rack was riveted on originally but Paul put it back in with rivnuts.

    The only thing is I want to carpet straight onto the roof inside and not use a headliner or board so I’m going to have to come up with another solution.
    Otherwise we’ll end up banging sticking out rivnuts in our heads.
    I was thinking of dome head hex insert bolts from inside with a washer and locknut on the outside then put the rack on and fasten down with another washer and nylock nut.
  9. Maybe rubber door stops?
  10. Think I read on here that someone used a bung from a demijohn to replace the Westfalia originals
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  11. That's what I did albeit I have an early Westfailia roof
  12. I think I used tap washers like this
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  13. Plenty of options then! As long as it’s tough rubber it can’t really be wrong!

    Para, mine never had any trim around the edges and remarkably it never scratched or lifted when driving st speed, so I think your old trim should be fine to go back on!

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  14. I do like it when I can just clean something up and refit it
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  15. The seal will be fine , mine didn`t have the `bulb` bit but am replacing it with something like yours ...

    As for the rivnut debate , i`d go for rivets because whichever way around you bolt it there`ll be a `stubby` side which will either split your bonce or rip open any bags you put up there , i stick a couple of foldy-up chairs on the rack - it`d pi$$ me off no end if they were catching every time i tried to slide them out ...

    Headliner is dead easy to do , i got mine from someone on here (£50 ??) whose wife was running them up .

  16. Rivets are not an option now as the holes have been drilled out large when Paul fitted the rivnuts
    Also the trim the headlining fits into has been removed

    The part of the roof rack that gets fastened to the van sits a good chunk below where the slats sit
    So if I cut the excess thread down to the top of the nylock when it’s bolted up and stick a plastic nut cover over it I’m sure it will be fine.
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  17. :thumbsup:

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  18. Slats painted and rack all built back up using stainless coach bolts ,over sized washers and nylock nuts.

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  19. Very neat.
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  20. And it’s back on the van
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