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  1. A suggestion (if you can bear to do any more): does Illustrator let you superimpose text on lines (assume it does)? You could put your wire gauges/thicknesses on the lines themselves, as per VW-stylee.
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  2. Also - I'm on a roll here - you might want to swap your hazard switch for a new Brazilian one. These have a "58" terminal that make it light up at half brightness if you wire it to the instrument lights, so you can find it in the dark :thumbsup:
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  3. Not sure. You can do text on a path but I'll probably do it manually and paste labels on each line - it'll actually be quicker. I'm just going through the wire thicknesses again now as I'm doing the shopping list. I'm simplifying it and as I'm using thinwall, which is rated higher (amps) anyway, I'm only going to use 1mm, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm. So the diagram is getting more updates - the last one didn't show the live to the fogs for some reason. Version 927 coming soon!
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  4. - teabags
    - milk
    - toilet rolls
    - cable
    - new ignition switch
    - wiper delay relay
    - rear fog light
    - nice pair of Bosch horns
    - relay for horns
    - Brazilian hazard switch
    - custard creams/bourbons/jammy dodgers

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  5. Well the rear foglights are in :D

    I've added in cable sizes with labels on each end of each wire. It's a bit cluttered but readable. Here's the diagram with and without sizes:

    Edit: go to the diagram near the end of this thread as the final one has been tweaked.

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  6. Cable sizes look good :thumbsup:

    One rear fog on offside should be sufficient (no sure whether it's permitted to have two, may be wrong).
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  7. On the basis that modern cars all have two I'm putting two on - messes with my OCD having only one!
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  8. Modern cars tend to have just one ;)
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  9. OK just the ocd then!

    Next up, how many spade connectors etc do you think I need for a complete rewire. Male, female, with tags, without tags, 6.3mm, 2.8mm......... :eek:
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  10. Gawd knows. Worth getting a hundred on a reel? They’re not that expensive. Get the tang ones - you can always flatten the tang out. Note there are three types for the various cable gauges. You’ll obvious need more 6.3s than 2.8s. Worth investing in a proper crimper as well. You might have trouble crimping up thinwall, btw.

    For the big ring terminals and battery stuff, worth getting a cheapo hydraulic crimper. They look rubbish but work quite well.
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  11. Awesome effort on the diagrams @Mark Darby

    I’ve saved it to the - that might be useful later vw folder :)
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  12. Thank you and you're welcome. I believe in giving a bit back, I learnt tons of it on here :)
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  13. Yes I'm all kitted up and raring to go. I did a rough calc and came to around 250/300 total terminals of all types! I'm very pernickety about my crimps and spend far too long on them and they all get heatshrink clear jackets to keep them warm.
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  14. Did you use thinwall on your buggy? Crimp up ok on old-school terminals? Only reason I mention it is that thinwall’s really intended for “modern” connectors with those teeny-weeny crimps.
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  15. Ooh. Worth getting some of the transparent oblong insulators for females - VWP will sell you some. Just like the ones VW used on things like the starter solenoid.
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  16. A friend of mine who does all the buggies uses it and reckons it's great. Too late to change! I use uninsulated terminals and have a very good crimper, then use a clear heatshrink sleeve. The smallest wire I'm using is 1.0mm2 which is 2.0mm o/d so I'm sure it'll be fine. There are 2 sizes smaller which I'm sure wouldn't work as well.
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  17. Probably the last version I'm going to post as it's done and I can add stuff later - just want to get on and build it now! Foglamps are ordered and in the diagram. Two horns are in the diagram too now with a relay - it's possibly a slightly odd arrangement but I used it on the buggy and it works well and allows you to switch between horns with the toggle switch:

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  18. There is just a minimum spacing required between the fog and tail light, seem to remember when I looked.

    And these days provided it shows a red light the MOT inspector wont care...
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  20. I think it was a certain distance between the rear stop lights and the fog lamp. Back in the day i remember installing them on mk4 Cortinas as an optional extra :rolleyes:
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