Worried about Camping this Year

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  1. Perhaps they lived in Hayfield and walked up? I took my 11 year old son up onto the downs this morning, we had to drive the short distance to get there and park in a lay-by, taught him some map reading, how to identify various things, just like the old days before GPS. We saw about 8 people out on our very muddy walk, but didn't get within the 2m limit. School half term holiday is challenging time. Tomorrow compass bearings.

    The real law breakers infall this are those holding raves, holding parties etc all indoors and the likelihood of transmission significantly greater. They are everywhere some even live next door to @mgbman
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  2. No need to play devils advocate - travelling out to the sticks to climb a frozen waterfall is not exercising, it's a ' there's a frozen waterfall to climb and I'm bloody well not going to miss out on it, Covid or no bloody Covid' act of self importance.
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  4. And we can agree to differ.

    In my head it is very simple - there is no rule that says you can't drive to an ice wall and climb it - so these people took advantage.
    There is a rule that says I can't play in-line hockey (team sport, risk of injury) so totally understand and have not played.
    There is a rule that says golf courses have to close; golf is basically a lovely walk, with a mate, occasionally whacking a ball in the general direction of a hole in the grass.
    In which of these activities would one expect a greater risk of harm? LET ME PLAY GOLF

    As stated many times, I do not think these people are the most sensible, but I cannot see any rule they have broken.

    That is all from me.

    ps - I'm crap at golf :(
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  5. Golf a good walk spoilt, I bought a load of clubs, got a bad back and sold them for half price.
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  6. I follow the rules, I haven't been anywhere but home and in the van while the crew shops. Even when we were NOT locked down this is my modus operandi. I'd love to go to Kinder myself, it's my favourite place on earth, but have not done so.. I'm still a libertarian, this is my choice, a sensible one I'll sure you'd agree.

    I merely seek to understand the reasoning behind not doing so, it's very easy to simply sit there and condemn it. If it makes you feel better I condemn it - now what? :)
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  7. Perhaps we should sort this out man to man on the golf course???? Sounds like we wont get within 2 metres of each other!
  8. Good investment lol!
    its a discussion and an interesting one and if it moderates someone's behaviour in any small form then it cant hurt can it. I knew you'd come around. Your a reasonable chap!
  9. btw. for convenience its in black and white just above your last post
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  11. Exactly - the closest I get to my playing partner is on the tee box and the green. I like to keep a respectable social distance at all other times.
    That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. :hattip:
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  12. A [police] spokesperson said: "Without knowing the exact circumstances – if the people were in a group, were in pairs climbing or were from the same household – then it is not possible to make a judgment about whether this was indeed a breach of legislation.

    "There are no limits given in law to how far someone may travel for exercise, however, you are only allowed to exercise with one other person who is not in your household or bubble.

    "Our continued advice to people is to follow the government guidance to stay as local as you can - whether for exercise or any other reason – in order to help limit the spread of the coronavirus."

    Great photo - and so even the police cannot confirm if a breach took place.

    I bet if they had stopped for a coffee at the top they would all be in clink by now! :)

    Still on for the golf showdown - best of 9 crazy golf holes as set up next available T/E
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  13. Worse than that I had quite a few lessons with the pro at the local course and several trips to an osteopath, been better off learning something useful. The person I sold the clubs too was very grateful.

    The ice climbers were living on the edge, anyway it will have melted soon and we can go back to other more mundane Covid breaches.
  14. Shame about your back - hope it isn't too bad.

    Think positively, you may have lost half your clubs money, but saved thousands from future golf related purchases (mainly fixes / upgrades!)
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  15. Thanks the back is generally fine, I actually have two crushed vertebrae from falling off in the early 80s whilst rock climbing and hitting the floor, ouch. Instead bought a yacht golf would have definitely been cheaper, but can't take it with you.
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  16. Dunno but it looks epic! Probably naughty and maybe they'll get fined

    I am a reasonable chap, well I like to think so. It's possibly not sensible to assume that things people write on a discussion forum must be their views. They may be "a view" that someone feels need introducing, or in my/your case I'm likely pulling your leg to some degree... as you know...

    I have had a "discussion" a few times over the years here and there - Is there a difference between discussion and debate? I think there is or should be a clear difference. Debate should and does mean taking a side and attempting to score points and in some way "win" skilfully (rather than morally). Parliament/court.
    Discussion IMO should entail a willingness to explore things from all angles with your pre-conceived notions put to one side. Trying to be realistic and accepting there are many legitimate views on any subject none of which are right for all situations.
    From my point of view, debate is a total waste of time. Not aimed at you but it's like, yeah, I know you think that - you keep saying it in different words. He say black, he say white before finally agreeing to disagree. Fascinating. :)
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  17. Sounds like fun!
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  18. Always happy to contribute for your delectation.
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  19. We all know what we SHOULD be doing, many look for a loophole to do what they want.... we are human and that's what we do....but if we are completely honest, we know when we are doing "wrong".
    There's no rule that says that we can't drive to a frozen waterfall and climb it........well there's a surprise...but does it make it acceptable....I don't really think so.
    Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives ...its not difficult to understand.
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  20. If 7 brothers want to climb a local iceberg then why not.
    Local icebergs for local people :thumbsup:
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