womballs 74 project DAISY

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by womball, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I just get everything of ebay:) but make sure its the good stuff as theres some really cheap stuff out there ;)
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  2. All taxed to day :beer:so took it for a run and while driving the indicator relay ticks sometimes :mad:but not on tick over very confused :rolleyes:
  3. any one got any ideas for ticking relay :(please help a desperate man :(
  4. Does it do it constantly?
  5. no it speefs up as you rev the engine bit not on tic over indicators work fine and ticks properly well confused
  6. Strange
    @matty might be able to help
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  7. Well got the bench seat finished my tester tried it first [​IMG]
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  8. Sounds like a bad earth somewhere and it only does when the voltage is up

    Make sure the earth contacts are all clean and back to metal

    I would start at the rear light clusters earths and then the fronts it's also worth checking the big earth on the back of the clocks
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  9. nik


    It's inspirational threads like this that spur me on to keep doing all those little jobs. Given I have no previous experience I am looking to start learning to weld, sew and otherwise get stuck in. Will keep following with interest

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  10. cheers il give all the earths a good clean and lokk at the back of the clocks
  11. Maybe just check that one of the wires hasn't got caught on the handbrake.

    Mine got disturbed after I installed a stereo and a wire from the hazard switch got trapped when I let the handbrake off.
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  12. Fantastic work as ever Womball, I keep coming back to your thread for reference (D post and battery tray at present). Looking forward, I had planned to finish mine in VW colours Guinea Blue under Pastel White but your Bahama Blue looks better do you have a paint code for it? Many thanks Martin
  13. That's bordering on stalking.... checking back, mimicking his behaviour, dressing your bus in matching colours :p
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  14. Hey Womball, bit of advice if you've got 5 mate.. how did you reattach the bellows to the main sheet? Mine was riveted from outside though the bellow and backed with an Ali strip both sides and then riveted on to the outer Ali frame at the front and back.. just thinking of vinyl wrapping my centre piece but not sure how to get the centre cap rivets done without fitting the bellows before covering it!? if that makes sense.... also how did you do around the vent? did you refit the original funnel after and rivet through? I know that was a lot of riveting talk ... lol ;)
    IMG_0118 (1).jpg
    The last guy had painted it with underseal but it leaked like a bugger and other than buying a new piece of sheet and starting from scratch I think vinyl is the only way to go with the amount of holes in the thing..
    Also ... last one... did you rebuild the inner frame or was yours ok? I think mine was hashed up and not original .. it was u profile ali and front and back and z profile ali for the sides of the frame..
  15. hi m8 thanks for comment heres the colour your after [​IMG]
    thats vw L519 its a 67year colour
  16. mines different :cool:it has no rivets it been welded together and also has extra bits that you fix the belllows to il try and get a pic if you like
  17. That would be awesome if you could mate.. I'd more than likely weld if yours was and fill all the old holes with Ali stick.. I would prefer to not cover it in vinyl ideally .. thanks in advance for the help ;)

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  18. at the weekend il take some close up pics for you :thumbsup: no worries
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  19. Thanks buddy ;)

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  20. Just a small update got the door cards coverd :)[​IMG]
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