womballs 74 project DAISY

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by womball, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. She was found in a hedge and had been sat there for over 15 years
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  2. good luck mate - keep us posted on your progress!
  3. That will take some doing. I've got a better one you could buy cheap...
  4. Hi thanks for the offer but I have already started her and she had no welding as I don't want to have to do someone elses work again
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  5. I'll try not to sound too harsh, but seriously........how bad is the rest of it?

    Consider/evaluate the whole lot before throwing money and time at it.
  6. The chassis are really good just the ends are bad,£1500 of panels and I have a english right hand drive bus as I will do all the work my self ,I don't have to pay anyone else it's cheap plus now I have started can't stop now will post more pics soon
  7. good luck with that one man!! look forward to seeing the progress.
  8. The wheels look ok ,bon courage... O0
  9. You've got a bit of work to do there ::)
    Will be nice when finidhed.
  10. Gud luck and keep us upto date with progress
  11. Well it’s good to see someone bringing life back to something most folk would scrap.
    It’s a true labour of love, and at least when you have finished welding it up you will know it’s right ( I am assuming you know how to weld) – and I am looking forward to seeing some pictures of the underside.
    My only tip is – if you have the cash, get the full panels not the repair ones – it will save you hours welding and grinding and cost you a lot less when it goes to paint.
    Best of luck

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  12. Here is some more of her be for i stripped her. This is not the first I have always been into beetles and campers, but this one i will keep:D .
  13. Just some more of the inside
  14. Doors off needs new doors,The front all most fell off,No going back now,The inner rails are solid just the outers are rotton.
  15. thats alot of work but i will keep an eye on this to see how it goes. good luck
  16. Time to take out the floor pan as they are bent and rusty The rails are great but just the back top hats are shot will make and change
  17. Best of British mate.
  18. that's going to be an epic project! good luck.
  19. :lol: you're mad. But I've done worse that looked better if you know what I mean. At least it's honest. I'd splash out on a whole front clip with chassis attached, couple of welds, new cab floor, job done.

    I'm liking the factory windows/bench seat combo. :thumbsup:
  20. All I can say i :eek: and good luck!

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