Why are vw camper shows entry fee so expensive

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Robbie p, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. They can be, we're lucky with Dubs at the Park on venue cost, but unfortunately the venue is in the process of being sold, who knows what the new owners will be like.
  2. To take the topic back on track
    I thing exhibitors that put the cost and effort into getting their vehicle to the show and showing it shouldn’t have to pay anything

    Take a classic vehicle to a steam rally or classic show round here and it’s a free weekend
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  3. Yeh but it costs a bit getting it there surely
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  4. For some shows that can work, not for mine though where every VW through the gate is part of the show and entered in to the Show and shine.
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  5. Waldron, East Sussex, next Sunday has the annual end of summer event with a steam road run, classic vehicles and motor bikes. Its free of charge and non exhibitors park in a grass field next to the village and walk in.

    I really like this annual one day event and although there is no camping, its a great family event for anyone who enjoys steam engines, classics and bikes up close. The steam park on the road in the village next to the Star pub, bikes park on the road or in the orchard behind the pub along with the classics on show.

    There is also music and the pub do a great bbq and there is a village coffee shop next to the pub, so something for all.

    I will be going. and next Saturday I will be going to the Tinkers Park, Hadlow Down, East Sussex steam and old buses open day with open top bus trips into Uckfield. Its always a good event and cost only £7. Easy parking and lots to see and do.
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  6. mikedjames

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    One thing Eddie at Techenders mentioned with respect to Brighton Breeze is that once an event grows large you have to have anti-terrorist protection as well and pay the police for it.
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  7. I reckon the high prices are because we are perceived to be "well off" because we have a classic vehicle that is "worth money" - so we can afford the high prices.
    See also the prices for the Classic Car Show at the NEC in November - £26.50 for a day ticket plus £12 parking compared to the Caravan show in October at the same venue - £8.50 plus free parking
  8. nec clast year £54 for 2 days ,then wanted £20 to go and look at the cars to be auctioned , then wanted paid for catalouge , then £4,50 for 1 sausage roll , £5.50 for a pie £6.50 for pastie , the price of the flight and then hotel , i was violated i tell ye i was lol and it was all over priced crap
  9. Sproggy4830

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    NEC, homebuilding and renovation show is a massive show over I think four of the halls, I paid £12 50 for my tickets about six years ago , each year I get a email with four free tickets to the show . I do have to pay the £12parking bit hey ho.
    I know that probably the funding source is different but they can do it.....
    Back on subject , Vw shows are ok value it's the handling charges I don't like ,plus traders should definitely be FREE , then they at least give the little boys a half chance andm want to do the shows, I would pay a pound more per ticket to have free traders and more of them
  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I don't understand the logic of that. A trader is solely there to relieve you of your cash. Why should they get free entry?
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  11. I can only think that one benefit would be they'd pass the savings on to the punters with lower prices... but... who am I kidding? :rolleyes:
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  12. DubCat

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    I have to agree. The pitch fees should be reasonable though. It's the show vehicles that should be free entry. Without them there is no show. It's often an expensive weekend if you're showing, which is wrong. Traders cover their costs and make a profit (hopefully) for the their weekend. The organisers need to make their money from public entry and trader pitches. I don't mind a token gesture, e.g. The Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh charges us £5 for our beach buggies for camping for the whole weekend and entry for the driver.
  13. Sproggy4830

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    My logic is based on some guess work , I don't know the total takings from stall rents but if it's say fourty thousand (a figure pulled from the air)
    You would only get so many stall holders wanting to pay above the usual stall rents at other Venus they attend .
    Igo with the wife and at least one adult kid with me . We are bored after a while cause we been round all the stalls . However the stalls were free there would be more stalls to view, more stalls may mean more customers would want to attend he shows ,but if a pound was added to tickets instead of charging stall rent then the venue MAY get more income and stall holders will have more customers
    I know there's other factors such as shows already selling out of tickets but my logic still works (for me anyway)

    Fors us its stalls that make a show and they are pushed to make a living especialy the smaller unique stalls and we like to support them
  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    (Most) show organisers aren’t in it for the enjoyment of the attendees though; they’re in it for the moolah.
    I’m sure they start off with the right intentions but after a while it becomes “cram ‘em in, and charge ‘em high”.
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  15. Day


    I've been to2 here in Italy.
    1cost 10€ per person for the whole 4 days+a 'free' t shirt.
    The other cost 10€ and you're given a bottle of wine on entry.

    That's a good way of doing it.

    After all... If we (people with vw's) didn't go.... There'd be no show.
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  16. davidoft

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    I went to a Vw show in another cheaper country and it was cheaper too, but we live here and it’s not , I struggle to understand how £100 for a weekend’s ( 4 days if you can attend ) camping for a whole family including entertainment is expensive £6.50. Per person per night for a family of 4 , how much would people expect to pay , like a sensible amount taking into account what they get rather than just moaning about cost simply because
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  17. So £120 for two adults for two nights at busfest is NOT taking the mickey? o_O
  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    You can easily do £65 a night on a campsite in North Devon now. Camping (generally) isn’t a cheap holiday any more.
  19. davidoft

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    It never was, you seen how much a Westy splitty cost new, more than a medium sized house :eek:
  20. davidoft

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    try the zoo fir a “cheap” day out , no accommodation
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