Why are vw camper shows entry fee so expensive

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Robbie p, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. alive must be carp :D
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  2. Surly .. no one objects to a 35 pound fee for a weekends camping and live entertainment .also it seems that bar prices are not too hiked up at most events. There's loads to do at most shows for all ages ..we all know campsites that charge 35 quid for 1 night camping but only allow a minimum of 2 nights for a bit of grass to camp on and nothing else.

    Yes 35 quid is reasonable for these shows and say 5 years ago you paid the ticket price full stop. No other fees . The ticket price that you paid .. paid for all the lights generators security toilets etc etc.

    It's that added fees that ruin it and hike prices . I believe that the change to internet booking has a lot to do with it .

    I remember paying 2.50 to see queen in 77 . By chance I read a mates paper to see a 3 line advert for the tour. I had to write a letter and post a postal order for my ticket.
    Now to see a group it's knocking on a 100 pounds and if you don't book online within 5 minutes of tickets going on sale you can't get them

    Waffle waffle waffle ... I know !
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  3. You think vw shows are expensive you should try Lego land

    I stopped going to vw shows about 5 years ago not due to the cost but the people and what they shows have turned in to
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  4. Agreed - I'd sooner sit in a field with a couple of mates and a light ale or two .
    Don't mind camping on mi own with a book or radio for company...
    Shows aren't really 'shows' anymore , 'family entertainment' would be a better description , and that's exactly what you're paying for . If you're griping about the cost stay at home - easy !

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  5. Dubs

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    The best Vw shows are the ones where there are no other Vw's, no other people, and no crap entertainment...

    I believe it's called camping.. :thumbsup:

    (Yes I know I'm a miserable bstard.. :hattip:)
  6. H &S
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  7. Everything’s way too expensive.

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  8. Day

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    The shows I've been to on italy have been free entry and if you come in an aircooled vehicle they give you a 'goody bag' with t.shirt and stickers
  9. I don’t go now cos I’m poor
  10. Last show I went to 1.30am a young couple with children where having a right Fight with each other.

    no-one was interested.

    one of them was trying to drive away very very drunk.

    My son was very scared!
    so like a idiot I went and sorted it out.

    Next morning everyone was asking around only to see them skipping along all smiles with the children as if nothing happened.

    I would rather go camping anywhere but a Show.

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  11. Blokes fault probably looking at the "starters".
  12. :eek:
  13. Plus if I want food I don’t want a stupid Kangaroo blooming burger!

    Sorry where sold out of normal burger’s but we have kangaroo

    Me; I’m so so hungry and there’s no more stalls open! Ok I’ll have to take a leap of faith and buy one:(

    Vender; we don’t have any buns so it will have to be two slices of bread!

    Me; right thank you:(

    15min later.

    Vender; that will be £12.50

    Me; right thank you:(

    Shows are brilliant! I love em!

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  14. Pmsl skippy :D
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  15. Actually no.

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  16. Pikey ate Skippy :eek:
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  17. 2409580C-E6A7-46E3-BBE2-34641CF03C0A.png
  18. All these organised shows they make a fortune venders shouldn’t have to pay lots of money.

    Some shows you pay more for a part then phoning/ordering /posting
    From the same place

    They must think where all stupid!

    No comment on my part please:)

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  19. Pikey, how's Appleby these days? :)
  20. Although I fondly remember the first shows.
    The mobile shop had run out of bread so I asked around.
    Met Simon Holloway on my way back to the van and he very kindly gave me half a loaf. Fry up sorted.
    Could carry on about the Army hockey player who had bitter and mild tattooed under each nipple....
    Show I remember had the wurzels headlining..:beer:
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