Who uses photobucket to post piccies on the forum?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zebedee, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Yes i've been using flickr for several years now - works well. I have all of my pics on there incl private family only stuff and exceeded the free limit some time back so i pay for "pro" account. IIRC its 24 bucks a year so a fraction of what photobuket want, and allows you unlimited storage i think? no annoying ads.
  2. MorkC68

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    Nice one I'll look into it, thanks!
  3. Well I have a working version. Final one still needs a little work to make it more robust but I need some early testers. Any volunteers?
  4. davidoft

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    Me me :). What do I need to do ?
  5. I'm just adding something to make a backup of the post before the edit and then I will PM you with instructions. You need to be using chrome and for this first version have developer mode turned on but I will include all that in the instructions.....
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  6. That's the way I've always done it, what's photo bucket anyway????
  7. Why don't you people just upload straight from your phones photo library, why do you use this photo bucket thing????
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    Because some of us use " proper " cameras.
  9. So I can use my box brownie on photo bucket :thumbsup:
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  10. The resolution from your box brownie would probably be OK for direct upload, does it have wifi? ;)

    Anyway, downloaded (eventually) all my photos and binned off my Photobucket account. The world of the internet seems rather cheesed off, so lets see if this new business model lets Photobucket last the next 18 months.
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    I've switched to using imgur with success, no ads or anything. Upload time isn't too bad but anything over five images tends to be slow.

    I've just got one more set of images to sort out & Photobucket is done.
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  12. No wifi but it's quite a good camera as it takes those modern day disposable flash bulbs

  13. I'm just about finished with Photobucket - took an age to download albums as their site keeps timing out and seems to be connected by a 56k modem!

    Going to look at imgur - and get uploading!
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    I use it for all my Daguerrotypes. :rolleyes:
  15. Oh you mean your photographs taken by an early photographic process employing an iodine-sensitized silvered plate and mercury vapour.
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    Google is your friend, isn't it?
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  17. Still looking for more volunteers to have a test......

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  18. No, I used to be a photographer for a local newspaper, I'm quite an expert when it comes to cameras

    I googled it:rolleyes:
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  19. I don't take photographs. I have a personal artist who accompanies me all the time to draw or paint as appropriate.

    I then courier the images to my internet service provider who has no idea what to do with them.
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