Who uses photobucket to post piccies on the forum?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zebedee, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. I can pay it for you, you can transfer the money to my account ?
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  2. Poptop2

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    I just asked openly on their FB page,but guess it will get deleted.
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    what did you ask?
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    Why they are stopping people accessing their photos and why the third party hosting ban
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  5. It's tempting to write a program to scan a thread, download the pics, upload them somewhere else and then update the links....

    Might be something I look into this week. Anyone found a decent alternative?

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  6. For the last year or so since Photo Bucket adds became a pain I have been using.
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  7. Will give it a go with that then

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  8. Facebook , flkcr, image hosting etc
  9. One at a time

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  10. Any "free" thing on the Internet eventually becomes paid for or goes belly up. The model is the same as drug pushers.
    Free samples till you have the habit then wham! Pay or die!
    I expect Photobucket will do both by charging stupid money for a service you can buy cheaper, lose clients and not gain enough revenue to keep its head above water. Expect it to evaporate.

    Which is why I pay for my domain name and use a PC in a cupboard at home to host my pictures and serve them from my own domain ..

    The cost of this makes Photobucket quite competitive...
  11. Yes please mate - could do with that! £400 to share pics meh!!
  12. Only £200 for the program mate, bargain :D

    Will have a look tomorrow and see what I can do. I reckon a plugin for chrome might be the way forward.....

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  13. Had a bit of a play around with this tonight. So far got a chrome extension that loops through your posts on a page, opens up the edit screen for each post, grabs any photobucket images and uploads them to imgur and grabs a new URL. Job for tomorrow is to update the post with new URL and save (should be easy) and then loop through all the pages in a thread.
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  14. Skills :thumbsup:
  15. Will this work if the links to photobucket got broken by changing the name of the album or if Facebook links got broken?
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  16. MorkC68

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    Does anyone use Flickr for image hosting and sharing? It sounds like its a solution
  17. It needs to have a working image link first so I can retrieve the image to download. If it's broken already I don't know where to go to get the image from. I could probably write something that lets you enter the old and new album names and then updates the links for you.
  18. Ironed out a few bugs and now can update a single page of images without issue. Need to just move to the next page tomorrow and then it should be ready for some wider testing.

    The only restriction on this at the moment is that it uploads to imgur anonymously so you wont have an album of your images available and wont be able to delete them from imgur once they are there.
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    Just pay it for me , I'll buy you a pie and chips one day :D
  20. Fine, its for the forum, cheers :thumbsup:
    You need promoting :thumbsup:
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