Who uses photobucket to post piccies on the forum?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zebedee, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. When it said it has changed the conditions ,I just clicked the X
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  2. Just "saved as " 100 photos ,my laptop will probably crash and I lose em all...:D

    if you think about it facebook etc could do the same ...:hattip:
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  4. I only ever take pics on my phone then use tapa to upload to here so
  5. we all do now ,but in the early days that was the only option ...;)
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  6. I'll have lost years loads of resto work on various vehicles and equipment ☹️
  7. Mine still works if you wait and dont click on a fake advert !
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  8. Ive had mine for 11 years. Haven't been asked to pay but just noticed the same no 3rd party all adverts now to.
    Ive just deleted all my photos and account.
  9. foe


    Went on the image search function on Google, for rear valance repair, and a lot of pictures, when you click on them, have that stupid message. And the Major resto on here is gone... Booo!
  10. Loads of forums are miffed over this huge photo threads have been junked. I'm going to close mine and move all my older photos as I've used photo bucket as a dump for everything people are leaving en mass it's odd for a company that included the option to link stuff to stop it.
    And it was full of adds
  11. It's gonna be poor PR for photo-fcukit
    Especially as other options are available..
    Advertisers won't hang around without traffic..

    Maybe it has had its day...
  12. Something don't seem right here . That's a lot if money to say it was free . I smell a rat of a scam .
    Having said that surly people don't use photobucket as their only source to back up photos . Links to forum posts aside , gone are the days of boxes of photos under the bed and you should back everything up at least twice and in different locations . The cost of storage is so cheap now it's daft not to .
    I have amazon prime and recommend it for other reasons such as next day free postage . Films and music plus unlimited photo storage . I will have to research if links can be used as per photobucket just in case it's not a scam
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  13. How is this still here..?
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    All my resto pictures are fine. And I use photo bucket! Hmmm.
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  15. Smug Illegitimate child alert:

    I don't use photobucket, never have and never will.
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  16. The pics on My resto thread are all gone :(
  17. To be honest that's probably a good policy. When I last used it it was full of adverts with pics of women in compromising positions with comments such as much indicating she will be your wife next week . Are they called click bots or something like that . It raises money for them , isn't that how facebook I'd so rich and free to use . (At the moment)
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    Still seems odd there was no warning, no advertising and when I log on there no way to pay etc, you have yo link out of photobucket and when you click on contact admin the links dead

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